Please not cervical cancer?

I have be spotting pink after I urinate and when I wear a pantyliner it's a pinkish tan color. I own been spotting stale and on for almost 2 weeks and I'm slighlty lightheaded occasionally. I have an appt this Friday but inevitability some comfort til then. Anyone ever experienced like?

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First ...are you sexually moving?? Because it sounds to me like you could be pregnant. When I be pregnant I spotted a pinkish color and the reason you do to be precise because the egg is attaching to the uterus, and will cause a pinkish discharge. If you are not sexually active it could be a quantity of things such as a UTI (urinary tract infection) and it could also be irregular periods. If you also a short time ago started to take the pill, you will spot for a couple of weeks or so till your body get used to it. The lightheadedness can also come from the examples I gave you above. I would manifestly go to the doctors so you can capture an exam to see what's going on.

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ive had it earlier after my period. If youve just now had yours that may be the defence.


Could be a UTI. Are you on birth control? Its normal to enjoy spoting in between periods if your on birth control.

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sorry but i havent if your worried go to a doctor, yeah it may be self-conscious but if it is cancer then you necessitate to be helped.
correct luck!

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Sometimes a mole on cervix can cause this. Or you may own a urinary tract infection. Go see a Dr and be referred to an Ob/Gyn.

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Gosh, this could be so many things. It could enjoy nothing to do next to your cervix, could be some kind of urinary problem. Maybe the lightheadedness is your worrying or something totally unrelated. Could be everyday hormonal changes going on. I know Friday seem like so far away and it is sometimes easier said than done, but try to maintain your mind busy and not to worry so much. Could you possibly bid the office backbone and see if they could fit you in more rapidly because you are concerned?
I will keep you within my prayers!

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maybe your body is only changing especially if procure your yearly pap, and transport care of your body. Every women's body go through changes. You are probably ok. Mine have never been pink but possibly your period is merely has rather tourette's syndrome and is acting up.

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I doubt you have cervical cancer, dear. You might lately be experiencing breakthrough bleeding and need to be on a mild BC pill. Go and see the doctor and try not to verbs till then.

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