Period While Breastfeeding?

I had one term in February it is very soon March almost
April and i haven't had a interval since. I'm on Birth-Control and i'm just startled..Plz Help


I'm almost certain, it took me a tremendously long time before I even have a period while breastfeeding and afterwards when I finally did get one it did not come again for a while. It be very sporadic and bloody while breastfeeding. I think if you ask a nurse or doctor they may transmit you that... but I'm not 100% certain. Good for you on the breastfeeding. It's scarce these days that moms stick near it, because it is difficult at times.

I need some back from the other women.?

Sounds serious so don't take this for granted, but sometimes period are delayed if you are nervous/stressed out, too skinny or not getting enough food, or completely athletic. Also they are wonky for the first three years, so if you only started getting it in that time selection, that may be it.

edit: oh keep on, you ARE breastfeeding? well, yeah, after your period may be wierd for a while 'cuz your body sort of know that you don't need another child right very soon. Maybe. I think.

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If you are breastfeeding your child afterwards you will have 'some period' but they should be 'lighter' and shorter and not come as often as when you are not breastfeeding. Breastfeeding produces 'oxytocin' which is a chemical that cause your 'uterus' to CONTRACT, and when you are 'breastfeeding' that 'constant contraction' prevents you from 'building up the menses blood' in your uterus. As you teach your babe to eat 'associates food' (like 'rice cereal' at first) it won't need to 'suck' as much, so your 'period' will gradually 'come rear legs' to normal as you bit by bit wean your baby. If you must 'stop breastfeeding' suddenly, view yourself VERY CAREFULLY because without that 'oxytocin' your body can 'relax' so much that you can 'bleed to passing' from your uterus if you're not careful. If you start have a 'really heavy interval' and it lasts more than partially a day at that 'increased rate' you will involve to go to an emergency room IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise ... enjoy fun, and ENJOY YOUR NEW BABY ... and give it a kiss from me.

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