Is it possible to start lactating again, several years after breastfeeding?

can a woman start lactating again, (without having another baby), after a break of several years? i'm desperate to lose immensity and i know that when i was breastfeeding, the solidity just dropped stale, so, if it IS possible to start lactating again, i am considering expressing some breast milk every day to give a hand me -along with full-bodied eating and excersise- lose bulk?!

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it is possible to lactate again.

you have hear of wet nurses, right?

For example, if a woman is adopt a baby that isnt born even so, she can begin using a breast pump for the months prior to the little one's birth, so when it arrives, the adopting mother can nurse.

The breast pump stimulates your glands into producing milk. Actually, even a man could do indistinguishable thing! Werid, huh?

But I must vote, wanting to breast feed in recent times to lose weight is for a moment weird too. Why budge through all that trouble (leaking, slumped and shrinking of your breasts when finished) when you are not even doing it for a baby?

Try Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Most of these places even hold online programs you can follow.

Good luck. You CAN lose the weight--just keep trying!

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the birth of a toddler makes the pituitary gland priduce prolactin which is required for lactation, so vitally no, no pregnancy no prolactin

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YOu could if you have a doctor give you hulking doses of hormones to make your body give attention to it is pregnant. That is about the simply way to do this. Sorry. I don't see a doctor agreeing to do this. Good health.

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The above person is wrong--you CAN lactate short giving birth. It takes longer for your milk to come surrounded by, but with expressing milk, you can start lactating. Women who adopt or receive children birthed by a surrogate enjoy used this option to inaugurate lactation to nurse their new babe. If you choose to use this methos, please consider donating your milk to a milk bank that give the milk to sick babies who are unable to breastfeed due to physical restraints.
However, this method is NOT a surefire process to lose weight! When a woman is pregnant, a great deal of the weight she gain is in protective fat stores used to produce milk for their infant; when a women begin nursing, those fat stores are used to produce the milk, thus dropping the cargo. This is why a lot of women plateau surrounded by losing weight after breastfeeding for a reliable period of time. If you do not own the fat stores for producing milk, the solidity you lose will be minimal!

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why dont u just diet and exercise to lose counterweight instead of putting your body through such harsh treatment

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Yes, believe it or not it is. Provided you are tough in adjectives the ways that women should be, then yes, lactation is possible. Of course consider adjectives the points. First, breastmilk is full of nutrients, so you would have to devour a little more, and when I voice that I mean nutrient rich foods. Also you'll own to keep it up contained by the same regularity as back. This means getting up mid sleep and expressing however you do.

Also be considerate and don't agree to any milk you express go to gamble away. Especially if you know other mothers with youthful babies who might not be breastfeeding at all.

I'm not sure how antiquated your children are, but if they're no younger than...say 3, they should still own some sort of innate sucking reflex. A mouth is always a better expresser than a pump.

So bequeath it a shot. Your child(ren) may wonder why they should suck on your breast if it doesn't yield anything, so I'd move about for the pump first. Just remember it might take a while.

If this doesn't work, (and it should since you effectively lactated beside your last baby) next your doctor can help you near medications that can minister to you lactate. But only try this if you've gone a month in need lactating.

I suggest 10 minutes per breast about every 6 hrs and afterwards maybe to every 4hrs after that. Try this for four weeks.

One more entity. If you take the pill, you might want to stop doing that and resort to condoms if you are have sex right now. While breastfeeding a kid can be contraceptive, I wouldn't rely on it if you start lactating again. Your doctor can also tell you if you are competent to take the pill again, but this is something that you might construe about while resuming the flow.

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yes you can, it;s been 3 years since i have my baby and newly the other day i accidently squished my boob and i read aloud milk come out, and i didn't even breastfeed so it should start after 3 or 4 times of pumping

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The simply way you are going to start lactating again is if you catch pregnant and have a kid, or if you take artificial hormones that are going to singular be available from a hospital.
So no is the answer. You'll just enjoy to stick with the hygienic eating and exercise.

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