Why are people against the cervical cancer vacination?

I mean, if it help save peoples lives, why is it a discouraging thing? It also prevents some STD's.

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It prevents one STD, the HPV virus. It doesn't prevent the others. I don't think it's a fruitless thing, though. I agree beside you. People who are against it? Well some of them believe that it will ruin their kid's 'innocence' (might have to hear the 'S' word, horrors!), and some believe that their child will turn out and have sex because they reflect they're protected. Which is silly, frankly, because there are masses other STD's out there.
Others are against vaccination period, or don't believe that the vaccine have been tested satisfactory.

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I've never heard anyone against the inoculation, but I am totally for it. I can't see why anyone would be against it? Hmm...

Did these people bestow reasons for anyone against it?

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they think its setting a unpromising example for girls to think that they are risk-free having sex

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because it might awaken young girls to be more sexually active


surrounded by advertisements they are playing it past its sell-by date as a vaccine against cancer instead of what its really for, a vaccine against HPV.

its misleading

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one word, STUPIDITY, why would one not want thier daughter to be protected?

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Cause people are in the dark. Yeah they want to give this shot to their kids to stockpile them, but you mention STD prevention and it means oh they're purely going to go out and enjoy unprotected sex and become unwed teenage parents. Well its stupid. The problem beside society today is parenting. If a kid is violent its video games or movies that made them that route, if a kid smokes weed its cause of the music, and if they own sex its everybody else's fault. Parents aren't adjectives for their jobs as parents and that's why they made it into a controversy.

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What they're mostly against is a mandatory vaccination (using a vaccine that's lone been available for a time of year of months and has no long-term safekeeping data) for pre-adolescent girls to protect against a sexually transmitted disease.

Pushing vaccinations on adjectives 9-12 year old girls to prevent a condition that's merely contagious through sexual contact is really just a route to enrich the drug companies.

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