What are breast implants really like?

I would like to know any info from women who own breast implants. What type do you enjoy, and do they really feel inbred? How did you go roughly finding a reliable surgeon? Realistically, what's the post-op pain close to, on a 1-10 scale? Did you enjoy any bad experiences within the process. Are you glad you did it? I would really love to have some input from anyone who have had implant for several years, as to how they've held up over time.

I'm particularly interested in any input from women who be rather small to start (34 A-ish) that go to a B-C range and how they perceive about their results.

Thanks for any proposal and information!

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I got breast implant December of 2004 and couldn't be happier. I have 300cc and they are silicone (recommended because they grain like breast tissue and not heaps of water). They were placed through an incision below my nipple and it actually gone a small scar. They are also sub pectoral and this be done because I am thin and be a 34A. I am now a 34 big B, small transfer but HUGE for me!
As far as pain, I have almost none. Just discomfort getting up from bed due to the lift of the pectoral muscle. But I feel completely healed after something like 3 days.
They feel highly natural, told by my boyfriend who loves the adjust.
Hope this helps and def. step for it!

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I just have an idea that there adjectives NICE.

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to me, real ones are better no situation what size they are. Implants may may look better in clothes, or within dimmly lit strip clubs, but when you're naked and within the light, the scar generally trademark you look like frankenstein, and besides the scar, boob jobs particularly very once in a while come out looking natural shaoe prudent. A lot of times it looks like a boob sitting lying on a boob, if you know what I mean, and even if they look definite, you're going to be able to make clear to when you squeeze them no matter what. It's better to want your boobs were bigger resembling 90% of women since the beginning of time enjoy, than it is to get implant and wish you hadn't. Anna Nicole Smith had hers removed, simply to be put back contained by because she realized that once you've done it, within's no going back, you can't remove them and expect them to look indistinguishable as they did before, it's a decree that will stick with ou for the rest of your life span.

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Try this website: implantinfo.com
It's a great site that tells anything you obligation to know about breast augmentation. There are also Discussion boards, you can ask any thoughtful of question you want and find tons of intelligent, experienced answers. This site will tell you how to find a surgeon in your area, which nature of implants, sizes, surgery, taking back, experiences, photos, etc. It will walk you through your first consultation to your repossession and beyond. I've used this site since before my surgery and it have helped me alot! I own saline, they look and feel automatic, my husband loves them, post-op pain be not nearly as bad as my c-section or dental surgery, no unpromising experience, glad I did it, went to full C, small D cup and am deeply happy and confident!
Good Luck!

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