Question about Boniva and osteoporosis?

Is anyone currently taking Boniva, the medication for osteoporosis?
If yes, have you experienced any side denial side effects?
My doctor has prescribed it for me, but I am irresolute to take it. It's too strange.

What should be the normal bone density reading for a feminine age 55 with consignment 128 lb.?

I amnot taking it but I was watching Dr. Phil today...he have 4 doctors on his show discussing certain topics and nearby was a woman in that who also thought it was too bright to take. The one doctor explained that if her doctor did a bone density check, and found that her bones were losing density, it be extremely important for her to rob it. The drug slows down the deterioration of the bones. Not taking the drug allows your bones to be more brittle, and if you're to fall, your bones will break much more efficiently.

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