This B* must be on Menopause!?

Well, I was contained by class today and was have my period and my substitute instructor wouldn't let me step to the bathroom! I was sending her adjectives the right signs I even said, "I'm having a girl problem *wink wink* can I travel to the baaaaathroooom?" and the stupid lady still wouldn't LET ME. I be thinkin "Is this B* on menopause or something? Ladies, has this ever happen to you?

At what age does a woman's metabolism start to slow down?

yes, some people are in recent times such jerks when it comes to "girl" issues

why do ppl within my family suppose i am anorexic?

Actually, yes it has.

is it possible for a 70 year outdated woman to get pregnant,how and what subsequent?

No,but im dredding it!

Am I pregnant or is it the pill?

no i cant recall that it have but i would have walk out of class and went to the bathroom anyways after if you had gotten surrounded by trouble i think the principal would own understood

Girls please. is within any way to remove the colour..?

Well, what could she do if you walked out?? hit you?? i suppose not. If you would of went to the department, then you could of said...hey! I am have my monthly and really really needed to change it, and she wouldn't consent to me and I pleaded with her to agree to me go.I could of soiled my clothes!

Can stress lead to your period to come impulsive even if you are on the pill?

No, never happened to me. When I be in both soaring school and college, I would label sure to go to the washroom since class. Especially when I was on my term.

Invitro Fertilization?

yeh but luckley im more independance than u if i want to go i only just leave
disastrously that isnt what every school does that

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