I'm almost 35, could this be the first signs of Menopause?

I've been have irregular periods for over a year and have seen a specialist that have diagnosed me with hydosalpuix, which is fluid surrounded by the fallopian tubes, (which explains why I have never gotten pregnant) but surgery is programmed in a couple of months but I hold been on my length now for over 35 days. Heavy at times, and spotty at other times, is this a sign of menopause or is it only a side effect from this thing? I don't want to stir onto birth control because after surgery, my chances own just increased for getting pregnant.

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Sounds like a hormone inconsistency to me. Has anyone every checked your levels of estrogen, progesterone, etc?

I merely recently have what I think is call a colcoscopy (sp?) The doctor took a sample of my cervix tissue.

arent you too immature to be getting menopause?

what does it mean?


Once you swot how the ovaries and adrenal glands produce hormones, you next call for to understand how hormone production and harmonize can change as you age and enter shifting segments of energy or "lifecycles."

The second life cycle occurs when a woman enter her mid-thirties and typically last until she is within her late forties, this cycle is pre-menopausal. A woman surrounded by this lifecycle is in her middle reproductive years. It is during these years that the stability of hormones produced by a woman's endocrine system first begins to shift. Progesterone, the "be aware of good" hormone, is the first hormone to decline and drops 120 times more rapidly than estrogen.

As progesterone begin to decline and estrogen becomes the dominant hormone. Symptoms such as PMS, breast swelling, irregular period, weight gain, fatigue, reduced libido and headache can occur. From their mid-thirties on, almost adjectives women are estrogen dominant. The good report is, women don't have to suffer! Bio-identical hormone therapy, can safely and effectively treat both the underlying cause and the symptoms of hormone imbalance lacking the negative risk associated beside traditional synthetic, HRT methods. Clinical studies have shown that synthetic HRT, such as Premarin or Prempro, can organize to an increased chance of developing breast or uterine cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and alzheimer's.

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it could be a side affect from hydosalpuix
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It is doubtful, but not impossible, for someone of your age to be menopausal. More often, the first signs of menopause are hot flashes, lighter or smaller quantity frequent periods, and moodiness, as powerfully as weight gain. I enjoy never heard of menopause cause your period to verbs for 35 days. This is a sign of something going seriously wrong; periods should merely last 8-10 days at most. Talk to your doctor instantly, especially as you know there is already something wrong.

What the HECK is wrong near me? I'm 4 dayz late and immediately i have a brownish discharge?

no, i really dont give attention to its menaupause

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its possible you are starting to get monopause

How much niggle should I expect after this surgery/procedure?

It is probably a side effect as you seem to be too youthful to start experiencing signs of mp, but as with the birth of puberty,women start at different times.Get a dr's opinion and run from there.

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May be. Menopause is a stage in enthusiasm when a woman stops having her monthly time of year.It is a normal segment of aging, marking the wind up of a woman's reproductive years. More information and remedies at http://useinfo4.blogspot.com/

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