Does the cervical cancer shot hurt?

I have to be in motion and get one and I can`t stand needles. Does anyone know how bad they hurt?

Has anyone experienced delayed period after depo?

its just approaching any other shot i got my first shot end month i have two more to step.. you know that you have to catch 3 right? it feels approaching a normal shot.. needles really arent that big of a concordat.. however, im gonna be honest there is ALOT of pressure after the integral needle part of the pack.. so it does hurt a little bit more afterwards other shots i guess you could say.. goodluck!! its really not that discouraging dont get panicky or be worried you'll be fine!! its worth it!! =]

Food Poisoning? Flu? Stomach Flu?

Yeah, it probably hurts. It's easier to just go and get cancer.

What is the cause of have bloodclutched everymonth?

They don't hurt. VERY tiny needle.

I a short time ago bend over the wrong way sometimes and my lower hindmost goes into this horrible misery so hard to move backing?

hurts less than the cancer. suck it up and be tough for once surrounded by your life...sheeesh

How can you find rid of a strange smell down south?

You will be fine, dont look when they are doing it, focus elsewhere. The injection is not bad.

my tubes enjoy been tied for 4 years in a minute, he wants another child, how expensive to acquire them untied and where?

Haven't have it yet but getting it soon. I presume that it no worse than other inoculation. I am not a fan of needles but over my time I own learnt that if I hang on to my arm relaxed and look the other way it is not that doomed to failure. I am sure you will be fine.

Good luck

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