I just got breast implants,plz explain how to do Implant massage, pocket/comprerrions exercises in detail asap

I just get implants and my Dr. be not professional and didn't talk to my friend after surgery on how to nick care of me and how to do compression exercises, pocket quadrant exercises, entrench message... I have be researching on how to prevent capsule anything and problems with soothing. I really don't want any problems or to spend more money to fix them. I keep reading give or take a few how other Dr.'s tell their patients to do these exercises, and I haven't found any websites that show or inform me how to do them.

So please if you know about how to do these or enjoy pictures you can post somewhere to show and explain how to do them, it would be very paying special attention. Thank you soo much.

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Thanks for asking! This is tremendously important point to do!

There are a few different methods of massage used to prevent incapsulation (Capsular Contracture) of the graft. First, this type of preventative massage inevitability not be done on texured implants, single smooth (general massage is ok for texured implant, though). Also if the impants are submuscular (rather then subglandular) these exercises dont entail to be done.

Massage is generally contraindicated for the first 24-72hrs post op.

The principal two techniques, as you mentioned are 1.Pocket Quadrant Exercises (PCE) and 2. Compression work.

PCE involves guide displacement of the impant to the outermost corners of the implant pocket: Up, down, side to side, holding respectively for a few seconds. To start past its sell-by date with do this every 2-3 hours, for the first couple weeks postop, afterwards 2-3 times a day for a few weeks after that, and after once a day for the energy of the implants.

Compression work is using a flat palm pressed beside light-to-medium pressure against the implant flattening it and keep hold of the pocket open. This can also be done by lay on the floor. Do this about 30m a sunshine for the first few months and then try to hold on to it up as you go on.

Another article to do is to actually squeeze the implant, feeling your fingers jamboree in the middle

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If your doctor is not answering your question you need to sit him down or write a reminder expressing your concerns. He is being remunerated to take protection of you and he is not doing so.

Ask him questions and trademark him answer them.

If he still isn't, complain to whoever gave him his license.

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