What is AIDS?


I have shady brown discharge during ovulation, it it normal?

AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease (blood disease). Basically it attacks your blood cell ( T cells). and it attacks your immune system. Usually you die of the common cold or neumonia a bit than aids itself. Now however you can live your whole energy with aids beneath a physicians care and alot alot alot of medication

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Well, AIDS are a deadly disease cause by any kind of virus which attacks the immune system, resulting in the body's inability to resist other serious infections. AIDS is shortened ,but the words are{ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome}.

What can i do?

In accessory to the above answers, there are other ways to win it in totalling to sex.

You can get it from soiled blood (rare now because they screen), drug users by doomed to failure infected needles. Children can get it too from impossible blood transfusions or if they were born to HIV/AIDS infected parents.

How long will it final?

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