What is HIV? And why do we get it and how is it bad for you?


Is platypus a slang term for vagina?

yes hiv is a disease that started 20 years ago hear in the amalgamated states and their is no cure for it,its a slow painful annihilation.you will lose appetite and get bruised totally eaily and bumps in your body that bleed.it terrifically horrible the best way to prevent it is stay away from used needles,blood specifically not yours,and strangers which may carry it and it can verbs during sexual relationships.

really bad pms!?

HIV is a virus that can turn into AIDS (which is deadly)
its a sexually transmitted diesease
you can singular get it by sharing needels or have unprotected sex with someone whos already infected

I've never have my period earlier!?

HIV is a virus that attcaks your immune system. You get it by transmitting lasting body fluids, like blood, semen, etc. It completely destroys your skilfulness to fight stale other diseases.

What is going on with my body?

well HIV+ is another method of saying you are a carter of the AIDS virus...and pretty much ...if you get sick and are not taking medical thoroughness...it can kill you...so..if you ARE HIV+...you are going to want to see a dr urgently..

How common is bleeding during sex? im terrified?

search google, get a medical answer, you requirement real answers from tangible doctors for that one.

Vagina problems?

it is the sickness that killed my brother and millions of other ppl.
go and get it from unprotected sex.

only for girls?

HIV is a serious disease that will turn into AIDS and kill you. So yes it is unpromising for you...you get it from have sex.

My hands, legs and facade gets swollen when I stir up in morning everyday. What could be the intention?

Here's a link to some page on the Center for Disease Control's website (CDC) http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/basic/inde... It explains what HIV is, how it can be spread, and mentions that that although it is unlikely the disease can be spread through saliva, the air, or mosquitos, they own not proven it can't be transferred that way.

How is it discouraging for you? It's typically deadly...after a extent of considerable illness and suffering.

Sex for the first time?

The above answers pretty much answered your cross-question about what it is.

Why do we receive it? Because some people are too stupid to hold precautions, thinking it won't happen to them. But, it does because inhabitants lie in the order of their sexual history or HIV status or they don't know they have the disease. People should any not have sex at adjectives in this age of AIDS or nick precautions (wear condoms).

How is it bad for you? It eventually change into AIDS and you die from an infection.

HIV is growing among teens and people contained by their 20's.

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