Is the catholic church the reason so many women have HIV/AIDS?

Here is a story about the topic.

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No filthy, disease riddled, ignorant guys is the foundation so many woman hold AIDS

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Only on is someone with no medical experience's personal blog considered a reliable source in the order of a topic about HIV/AIDS.

A Catholic is not supposed to enjoy premarital sex so if you get it from premarital sex, don't blame the catholic church.


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No, the people who immagrated from africa are the common sense that so many women enjoy AIDS.
It has nil to do with the catholic church.

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If so, you mean the Catholic churches have to distribute free issues of Condoms and Contraceptives and stop preaching the Gospel?

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No. Women get AIDS from any sleeping around, or drugs. Simple as that.

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Judeo-Christian tradition have taught for thousands of years:
1. Single relatives should be celibate.
2. Married people should be steadfast to each other (adultery is wrong).
3. Married couples should generosity God's gift of children and, so, artificial birth control is against the will of God.

If the world is going to ignore teachings roughly chastity (1 & 2), then why is the world so upset going on for teaching artificial birth control (3)?

People who are already ignore the more important teachings roughly speaking chastity (1 and 2) should have no problem ignore the less meaningful teaching of artificial birth control (3).

Even if a being infected with AIDS be to use a condom to help protect his or her spouse, condoms are not 100% decisive (read the box) and the spouse may be infected and die anyway. A person who truly loves their spouse would not endanger them contained by this way.

In regard to sex outside of marriage, the Church make it a practice not to tell folks how to sin. Fornication with or minus a condom is still fornication. Adultery with or lacking a condom is still adultery.

With love in Christ.

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Is the Catholic Church to blame for so many individuals having HIV/AIDS?
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Is the Catholic Church the origin why so many populace have HIV/AIDS?
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Is the catholic church responsible for the amount of women near HIV/AIDS?
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Is the Catholic Church responsbile for the illustrious amount of people tha hold HIV/AIDS?
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Is the Catholic Church the biggest factor for the amount of people that own HIV/AIDS?
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Is the Catholic Church a reason as to why so copious women have HIV/AIDS?
Here is an interesting article on the issue.

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