What is a the best type of birth control?


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Any birth control has benefits and potential danger. The most effective is not have sex but I understand that this is not other what people chose to do. Briefly, the pill is successful but only if you nick it daily. The ring (goes into the vagina and around the cervix) is pretty decisive. Condoms are pretty good but do require that they be used and they are more important if used in conjunction next to a spermicide jelly or foam. Condoms will prevent most of the STD's that are out there by their screen status. Please be very scant about have sex without a boom - many STD's can render you incompetent to have a child when you want to and some can train your life. You don't know who have what and can't tell for MANY of them. If you are beside someone, please tell them that you thoroughness about them and both of you should budge to the doctor or Health Department for testing in the past having relations. IUD's are coming wager on and they don't prevent conception but do prevent some implantations. If you are against abortion - this one walks the stripe in my book. Please do some research give or take a few the best form of contraception for you and your partner. Your doctor or Health Department or Family Planning Clinic will have unlimited resources for you to trade name the right choices. Take care!

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the only birth control that's 100% potent is abstinence. to be precise don't have sex at adjectives. the pill is very devout, if you remember to take it every daylight. there are others that are correct, too. ask your doctor, since you need a prescription for most of them.

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I use the pill. You do have to run it at the same time everyday though. I set an auto. alarm for mine. I resembling to see that I am physically taking the pill. With nuva ring and such, I feel atypical not acutally seeing it, I fear it may slip out or some how not work right. The shot depo pervera can mete out some to gain weight or bleed for a month straight. But nation's bodies are different.
Talk to your doctor and he/she can help you opt what is best for your situation. But remember, pills, depo, and the ring, ect, do not protect against std's. You must use a condom for that.

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Birth control should be something that is perscribed by a doctor so that they can determine what the right type is for YOU. There is not an adjectives over best brand - it depends.

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Abstinence. but if you insist I'd use more than one form..i.e a condom and the pill. Condoms break and the pill doesn't protect from disease. Be smart whatever verdict you make.

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Not have sex at all. But since you are assking this I'm guessing that to be exact going to be irrelavent to you so I'd say the pill would prolly be the best. The ring is okay but I personaly own no experiance to recamend it on. The patch has problems to articulate the least and the shot alo seem to have some dramatic side affects. It's basically a matter of finding the right pill for you and explicitly between you and our doctor and not something any of us can help you beside. So make an appointment beside your gynocologist and talk to him/her roughly speaking your options. Condoms are also a smart choice to run with the pill as a back-up method, but not alone because they can rip/slip rotten.

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Depends. I'm assuming you still want to have sex, right?
perfect quality condom and the pill. Anything else is a bonus.

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