Breast Implants?

Anyone have them or know someone who have? I'm seriously considering the idea and want to know what the experience be like. Any info would lend a hand!

Havent had a length since january.whats wrong?

Judging by your picture you are an attractive woman. Why would you want them? I have some female friends that have them and some own regretted the procedure. You are more than just boobs. Gut if you do it bring in sure they are very flawless at it so there is minimum scare and they feel colloquial.

Need help!Help me requirement advice and oblige!?

I have them and I love em!

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My cousin get them and we are best friends. She said it was the most tender experience of her entire life. She like them, but it's been around 5 years and she says that they are already slumped. So remember, they won't stay perfect forever. Most women own to have them updated after give or take a few 15 years because the saline leaks and eventually, it wants to be replaced.

Any blind ladies that can give me guidance on Intimacy?

I worked at hooters for 2 yrs. I am a B cup. I know alot of girls that have them. I honestly assume they are a waste of money. What is the point?? you are the course u are if people don't close to that its their fault and if u don't approaching it well. revise to love urself. I believe women get breast implant for attention and its the wrong kind of attention. but thats freshly my opionion. get a push up bra or some of those things to put in ur bra. they work i enjoy some. lol. Good luck

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before you attain you may want to look at my source for safer and way cheaper mode to get bigger breast

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Do you really stipulation?

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