What is an Orgasm?


Should I have Sex?

An orgasm is the even of sensory stimulation needed to signal release of sexual fluid. Its like climbing a stepladder, your stimulation pushes you further up that ladder, consequently you break over the top and imagine keeping climbing beyond the stepladder. You'd fall down, and thats exactly what happen to you, you have a sensory climax (reaching the top) next your brain tells your body its time to release. You release (the part of a set falling through the air) then failure (landing) .

If your a woman, release means excretion of vaginal fluids, and for a man it resources ejaculating sperm.

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Go wack rotten and when you explode everywhere you will know.

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A sexual mount.

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it is a rush of endorphins released into the system that just........ hell, its friggin awesome!

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when you find out, you will never forget.

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Something I love to own once a day :)

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that is the thought that a woman gets when she spends her ol man money

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the height of sexual pleasure

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I give attention to it's the very pleasurable Japanese art of paper-folding

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Orgasm is the conclusion of the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle, and is experienced by both males and females. It is accompany by quick cycles of muscle contraction within the lower pelvic muscles, which surround both the anus and the primary sexual organs. Orgasms are often associated next to other involuntary actions, including vocalizations and muscular spasms in other areas of the body, and a mostly euphoric sensation.

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a climax point at which one's sexual nouns is stimulated repetetively until a sudden surge of a tingling sensation fullfills the session.

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It is the most climatic part of a sexual experience. It is gorgeous and lovely and it takes your breath away and stops your heart.

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If you do n't know, then you've never have one- when you do(during sex) you'll KNOW!!

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yuor sexula peak

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It is in certainty the BIG BANG at the Very End of Sex Love Game of a Female.

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the end result of alot of satisfying work on a female body. "if she's still wantin to consult after you're done, you got more to do."

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