How old do you need to be to get breast implants?


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Women of any age who are surrounded by good physical and violent health are honourable candidates for breast augmentation. It should not, however, be perform in patients younger than 18 unless severe asymmetry exists. If the breasts are severely flabby, augmentation should not be performed lacking some form of breast lift .

I would suggest that you find out more from this site: prior to making a ruling for breast implants.

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At least 18 so you can bequeath concent..

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Old plenty to sustain the weight.

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You hold to be done growing and through with puberty, or no surgeon contained by their right mind will do the procedure. You have to be 18 to contribute your own consent, but a parent or guardian can also give consent for their child. I can't consider any parent allowing their teenage daughter allowing them to capture plastic surgery though.

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18. but a doctor won't do it unless he's sure you're done growing, which you may not be by 18.


16 with yourparents consent, however your body is still developing and breast implant are expensive and the surgery hurts like hell, so I am told habitually cause I work at a elective surgery section

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Don't get breast implant. They're obviously falsified looking and hard to the touch. Be pleased with your body.

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