I think I should get breast implants.?

Can somebody tell me the cost of implant and a good surgeon? P.S. I am an A cup and for a while over 130 pounds.

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I have mine done for $5200 but I live in Miami and I did it with a fundamentally well specified surgeon here Ive had them for 3 yrs in a minute and it was the best entry i couldve done I was a realy small A beforehand. I think that theyre places be they do them for cheaper in places similar to Columbia. I rather salary more and go near a well accepted surgeon anyway make sure you want them realy doomed to failure because it will change your full appearance.(And even the way some unaware people see you) Good Luck!!

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I don't think your size in a minute matters as far as costs stir. I don't want implants, per se, I want augmentation to form them look better. I asked this question the other hours of daylight because I'm going to do it. I researched and here where I live, it costs more or less $4500.00. I have to linger until I can afford it of course, if that ever happen! LOL

Good luck. I hear it is so worth it.

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If you get pregnant you'll catch bigger. If you want to breast feed, no implant.
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With a hot term like stephanie, you don't even involve implants!

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Where are you from and how far are you eilling to travel. I have mine done by an awesome surgeon in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Email me for more details.

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i dont think u should because some times the surgery go wrong and some pple end up with4 instead of 2

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I go to one of the best surgeons in Philly and as of 2005(when I get mine done), mine costed $5500. That is a fair price to settle up, although cost varies beside surgeon, procedure, geographic location(the South and Midwest are a lot cheaper than say aloud, in New York City; surgery is a LOT cheaper surrounded by foreign places like Mexico and Thailand, although I do NOT recommend going to a foreign country, where on earth the health regulations may not be as good), etc.

Your underlying set of saline(salt water-filled) smooth round implants will be going on for $5000 on average. I recommend the smooth round implants, since they are not single cheaper, but have a few advantages: the textured implants(contrary to popular belief) do NOT do much to prevent defect such as capsular contracture, and the round are a good shape for the bud because they are known for contouring to your breast's colloquial shape.

The new silicone gel implant are more expensive since they are new on the bazaar. They are supposed to feel more "real" than saline/salt wet. Plus, there are decrease chances of leak or rippling than with saline implant. However, they are more expensive, harder to find surgeons who work with silicone, and they will require a bigger incision(risk for more scarring).

It also depends on the incision point. The most adjectives incision points are on the crease under respectively breast, or around the areola(surrounds the nipple). These are also the cheapest. The newer techniques, involving going through the armpit or through the belly button, are more expensive. A procedure through the belly button leaves smaller quantity scarring, but can cost, on average, about $1500-2000 more.

Although this isn't tremendously common, some surgeons also charge more money for bigger sizes. My surgeon is one of them. For example, getting implant filled beside 325cc of salt hose solution would have costed smaller quantity than implants jam-packed with 450cc of brackish water solution. If you're looking to budge up to a huge size(like DD or bigger), then look for a surgeon that will not charge you more money for a bigger size.

I cannot communicate you a good surgeon in need knowing where you live. You should do a turn out on Yahoo Yellow pages for surgeons within your nearby city. However, I'd recommend my surgeon Dr. Eisenberg(in Philadelphia, PA) to almost anyone...unless they're looking for the super-fake 'porn star' look(since he does natural-looking work), or unless they want super-huge implants(since he boundaries the size of the implants to something that looks proportionate & natural).

If you're an A cup and 130lbs, I'd suggest going up to a full C or small D. I'm more or less 130, 5'7", and I went from an A to a 34C/D. It's a obedient size because it'll be big enough where on earth people will spy a marked difference and you'll own plenty of cleavage. But it won't be too big to the point that you will look obviously "fake" or freak-showish. I contemplate a B-cup would be too small. B-cup implants would one and only work well if you're definite tiny, like speak 5'0" and 100lbs, but you're not. Besides, I think it is better to be in motion a little too big than for a while too small, since most girls that get implant often longing they'd gone bigger, after they get the surgery.

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