Menopause - Like PMS, but Worse?

While talking next to some older friends at a infant shower recently, several be complaining about Menopause, and how crabby, (okay, they used a different word, but you know what I mean), they hold become. They likened it to how they feel when having PMS.

Here's my concern: When I hold PMS, I become weepy - not crabby. (I just cry, for no adjectives reason.) At 44 years of age, I expect that menopause is not far past its sell-by date for me, and I really do not want to go through a drawn-out crying phase as I stir through the change of time. Have others noticed parallel between menopause and how they felt during PMS? I know going on for the "personal summers," "CRS (Can't remember, uh, stuff), and the end of the menses, but I've never hear of tears. Frankly, I'd rather be crabby than weepy, any hours of daylight!!

Older cyber-sisters, please let me know if you notice similarities with your own menopause and PMS.

Thanks surrounded by advance,


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I started early near perimenopause (36). Its been rough, but I am still on the pill, so my doctor simply changed my formula to YAZ, plus she started me on Omega-3 supplements, and the two things hold helped considerably.
My husband complained that my worst things be my "ability" to fly into a rage over the littlest item (burning toast, for example!) and crying for no reason. Both things enjoy gotten much better, plus fewer darkness sweats and hot flashes.

There is a new drug on the open market called PremPro; its similar to BCPs but is specifically developed menopausal women.
If, after you've started your revise (and who knows...I don`t know you already have and merely don't know it! My mom was close to that!) if your symptoms become troublesome, it might be something to talk to your doctor just about.

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I'm hard put to share you that my change go 'smoothly'. In a sense it did. I heard adjectives the horror stories but mine was a common roller coaster of mild emotions. I be frightened by others stories, especially from one woman who was nearly kicked out of the military because her mood swings be so severe. My worst part be night sweats.

Being weepy during your time of the month could also stingy other things. You might want your doc to check out your thyroid just to rule it out.

As far as parallel, no. PMS for me was cravings of brackish and chocolate. I never got this during menopause. Nor did I enjoy the roller coaster ride during PMS. But everyone is different. You need to tell to your doc right now. Let her or him carry a good physical on you so they can monitor you from here on out. Absolutely agree to her or him know about the crying jags. They involve to know this and can prescribe a mild something to get you over this.

Read up on perimenopause. Read---read---read. You're surrounded by your forties. It's time to get a kick on what's ahead. Good luck.

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The symptoms differs. Menopause is a stage surrounded by life when a woman stops have her monthly period.It is a commonplace part of aging, mark the end of a woman's reproductive years. More information and remedies at

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