Can stress and not eating cause your period to be late or not come?

My period is three to four days slowly now. I own been intensely stressed out and I haven't been intake right. My boyfriend and I have be sexual active presently for about a month presently, we have used a condom every time. My interval is never late, so I'm thinking i might be pregnant but every one have been motto it can be from stress and not eating. Is this true?

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Pregnancy: This is the most common impose of missed periods contained by teenage girls. If you enjoy had sex even once within the past several months, see your vigour care provider for a pregnancy interview before you consider any of the other possible cause.

Stress: This is the second most common end in of late or missed period in teenagers. It may be excited stress (for example, breakup with a boyfriend or final exams) or depression. Or it may be physical stress to the body, such as a severe ailment, a sexually transmitted infection, rapid shipment loss or gain, or strenuous exercise. Dieting or binging and purging may interrupt menstrual cycles. Changes in your usual routine (for example, going on vacation) may also cause your spell to be late or missed.

Normal nouns

During the first couple of years of menstruation many teenagers enjoy irregular periods. During this time the body's hormones are not even so "fine-tuned," so the ovaries may not release an egg once every month. As a result, your cycles may be irregular, occurring as close together as 2 weeks or as far apart as 3 months.

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Is this majority!!?help!?


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definatly! stress can do some abnormal things to your body.

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Stress can unequivocally cause your length to be late. I would skulk a few more days before buying a pregnancy oral exam. Wait a full week. Having sex right before your interval can also cause it to be postponed.

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yes they sure can it happend 2 me b4

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Yes. I was a short time ago in a vehicle wreck and it actually put sour my period a solid two weeks, and once I lost too much immensity and lost my period for three months. Just try to calm down down and breathe. If the condom never broke, you should be fine.

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Yes, both can exact it. Infact, some annorexics don't have period at all.

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Your menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones.
These hormones are regulated surrounded by your brain.
So, yes, anything that effects your brain can affect your cycle, too.
Some women's cycles are very sensitive to change in routine, solidity gain, dieting,stress, etc.

Still, if this is the first time you have ever be late, I would do a pregnancy audition. Condoms are not 100% a sure thing, you know.

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Yes those can contribute to a period man late, but so can pregnancy and condoms are not a foolproof form of birth control. I'd lurk a few more days and then buy an over the counter pregnancy tryout. And start eating correctly and try to settlement with the stress for your robustness. Good luck and God Bless.

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Yes, indubitably. If one goes through a stressful event or their body stout percentage drops below a healthy smooth, then one can experience a loss of menstruation or amenorrhea. I myself missed my time of year for two months when I went sour to sleep away camp for the first time. Also, some extreme athletes similar to gymnasts and body builders can experience a loss of period because their workout routines and drinking habits walk off them with tremendously low body fat percentage. This can be dangerous over a prolonged spell of time because lack of a time can lead to poor calcium incorporation and hence bone loss and osteoporosis. Amenorrhea is reversable through recovery from stress and resuming a well body fat percentage.

I would hold past its sell-by date on doing a pregnancy test for at smallest another week; if you do it now and you are indeed pregnant, the horizontal of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) will not yet be giant enough to be detected by the standard urine pregnancy examination. I blood test would be the most accuaret bearing to detect pregnancy prior to 10 days of a missed period.

I would also suggest using two forms of contraceptive when sexually stirring, such as a condom and birth control pills. This more greatly decreases your risk of pregnancy because the worth rate of condoms alone is 98% with PERFECT use, but individual 90-82% with TYPICAL use. Birth control pills alone at 99.9% successful with PERFECT use while 95% influential with TYPICAL use.

Good luck and stay safe and sound. Always, ALWAYS use protection!

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You'd be amazed at what stress can do to your body.
I remember when I first have sex...I was on the pill, and we used a condom. And I thought I be pregnant too.
I think most girls move about through this their first time. Probably because they feel guilty, and they ponder maybe I shouldn't hold...I'll probably get pregnant in a minute, etc.
So now you're stressed and not consumption right - because of the stress. Try not to worry, and try to relax. (I know, easier said than done)

If you are pregnant [ I seriously doubt that you are]
worrying won't transmute that fact. You're lately making yourself sick. Can you talk to your mom just about this? Or an older entity? If you can, then do it. You'll be confused, but you'll feel sooo much better, or obtain an early pregnancy audition from the drug store. Go see your doc, no matter what you relate him, he can't tell your parents. Ask him if he can, that opening he knows that you know...and he can't, even if he think it's for your own good.

**You can return with pregnant if you're having business the protection**
It's just rarer.

Abstinence is the ONLY course that you won't get pregnant. Congrats for using a condom, other use one.

Good luck honey, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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