Does anyone know if Endometriosis is hereditary?

My mom had Endometriosis when she be in her mid twenties and I enjoy a many a reproductive problems. I mentioned it to me OB but he wasnt the best doctor so he other told me that my pains where contained by my head.

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I'm in the medical field and I can describe you yes, Endometriosis is a hereditary disease. It occur seven times more frequently when there is a nearest and dearest history of the disease than if there be not. A large study not long completed by The Endometriosis Association has provided strong evidence that not solely does Endometriosis have a inherent and familial tendency, but also that absolute other diseases are also more likely to come about in women and relatives of women next to Endometriosis.

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I have an idea that there may be a genetic join, so you really need to see a genetic counsellor.

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Yes it is. See the link below - it might explain more info. Go to another doctor.

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yes it is...ably i also read this can be caused by one enviroment, so if own flesh and blood memebers are obviously contained by the same enviroment for long period of time that would make sense...I am not sure what they ment by enviroment

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i am 27 and was diagnosed beside endometriosis when i was 15, my doctor told me that it is not hereitary, but both my mother and my sister enjoy it, so i do believe it is possible that it is, if your doctor is telling you that the pains are adjectives in your pave the way you need a clean doctor, cause this disease is serious, it could mete out infertility problems without treatment, not to mention the certainty that it makes your life span a living hell, your doctor is one person you should really know how to trust, it is a pain to find a honourable doctor but well worth it contained by the long run, good luck to you

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Yes Endometriosis is inherent. I think you have need of to find another doctor. You can either google Endo or go to yahoo condition and you will see all kind of information about Endo. And you will find alot of information on how masses doctors and studies have found that Endo is inherent.

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