Lupron Depot treatment and Endometriosis??

Any Ladies with Endometriosis and Lupron experience...or doctors..hehe....Im asking this for my wife since she cannot post to answers at work.

She is going in for surgery in a couple weeks for endometriosis. At least possible thats what the Dr thinks it is right in a minute. He will know for sure when he gets a look inside. His thought immediately is he will clean it out and consequently wants her to own Lupron shots for 6 months....Can anyone give me the Pro's and Con's to Lupron. I read a ton of refusal side effects and not much postive, but then I surmise maybe the ecstatic people arent posting their thoughts.haha.

Can anybody grant me any good things more or less Lupron? bad things?? alternatives save for herbs??

Just trying to do for a while research so my wife can make and informed outcome.

Thanks in credit!!

GUYS read!?

I also have Endo. and have emergency "clean out" surgery within November. Problem was that my affliction increased after surgery...started Lupron (just had 4th shot on Friday:)
Wow, what a difference. First 2 weeks the stomach-ache got path worse, then approaching a light switch purely turned off. No anguish since...however; the Menopause symptoms are worse than I expected. Hot flashes started mild and kept getting worse until I couldn't stand them anymore.Dr put me on hormone replacement and am now intuition much better.
But, gotta warn you, as the husband, within are other thought she was moody since...don't even get me started...capably, and another thing. You stipulation to lower your bedroom expectations greatly for the next 7 months at tiniest. Just think sandpaper...that's honestly what it feel please cut her a break.
I'm singular 32...thankfully married w/ kids already. This have been the biggest audition to my marriage on the other hand.
I gotta say though, at most minuscule for me, the shots work:) I am pain free.
My Endo be very advanced so I still may want more treatment, but for now, agony free is good satisfactory for me:)
Well, hope this info helps...

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