Lupron Depot treatment and Endometriosis??

Any Ladies with Endometriosis and Lupron experience...or doctors..hehe....Im asking this for my wife since she cannot post to answers at work.

She is going in for surgery in a couple weeks for endometriosis. At lowest thats what the Dr thinks it is right in a minute. He will know for sure when he gets a look inside. His thought very soon is he will clean it out and later wants her to hold Lupron shots for 6 months....Can anyone give me the Pro's and Con's to Lupron. I read a ton of cynical side effects and not much postive, but then I mull over maybe the cheery people arent posting their thoughts.haha.

Can anybody make a contribution me any good things roughly Lupron? bad things?? alternatives bar herbs??

Just trying to do somewhat research so my wife can make and informed finding.

Thanks in mortgage!!

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I have endometriosis for a long time. Also ovarian cyst. I also had surgery the Dr. said he be going to scrape everything. if it come back I would own to have a complete hysterectomy. I changed Dr. when the endo come back inside 5 months and it was much worse than the first time. I started the lupron injection in Jan 2007. It have been a miracle!! I am have my second injection today. Your wife needs to establish if the pain is worse than the side effects would be. I have mood swings for about 2 weeks and I still enjoy hot flashes once in a while. My husband said that these side effects are nought compared to the pain i have and i have to agree 110% i furnish lupron a BIG thumbs up! Hope this helped.

Anyone know.?

I have be dealing w/ Endo for almost 6 years now. When I started treatment I be on the depo shots however I had some awful side effects w/ it so my doctors stopped those and have me start on the lupron. It was great! It be the best I felt within many months and it help shrink the Endo implants also. In times gone by 6 years I have done 3 rounds of Lupron adjectives for 6 months. I would recommend Lupron for anyone who has tried adjectives the other medications w/ no nouns. I hope this helps. Tell your wife correct luck.

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dont know

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