Can stress cause your period to come early even if you are on the pill?

I have be on the pill for 2 year snad my periodds have be like clockwork, i can pretty much predict the daytime .

Last week, my period started on thursday, i still enjoy two weeks left since my next term but have be very stressed out lately. Can this affect my interval... Once this ends and i finish my pills, will another one start...

How to increase my hymen for easy intercourse?


Is here any normal time 2 be expecting your 1st time of year??

yep - my shorty says Its my failure ALL THE TIME!

I am 14 and i have have my period for 3 years presently. and i been really uneasy about using a tampons?

Yes, stress cause lots of problems in the body. That is one and only the beginning. You better start finding ways to lessen the stress or your body and health will suffer.

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