Menopause weight gain?

anyone gain like 10 or more lbs when u started menopause and cant lose it no concern what> and if you were competent to lose how did u?
also did u gain it like indisputable fast out of nowhere?
My dr said we lose muscle mass too whenwe draw from older and thats why we get the impression "flabby"? geez

My belly hurtsshould I try Tums or try to sleep it off?

yep! and im STILL acquirement im only 37 i can`t bear menepause i found this great site the other day for menopause u should check it out

My friend hasn't have a period surrounded by several years and she want to get pregnant. she be to doctors no luck?

It varies for respectively individual.Good nutrition will help smoothness the symptoms of menopause by supplying a changing body beside the nutrients necessary for optimal robustness throughout this transitional phase.Get enough calcium. A woman going through menopause requirements 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a day. Avoid excessive amounts of brackish to reduce bloating associated next to hormonal changes. More information and remedies at

my period date is 14 and i had sex on 3rd,though he didn't leak in wud approaching 2 know chances of conceiving

actually i lost 15 pounds, due to anxiety and morning jitters. Go to power surge menopausal site on internet. significantly recomend it information and chat rooms.

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