Tubes tied.. no period..?

what are the odds of getting preg after ur tubes are tied? i know theres a slim arbitrary, but i also know it has happen to people i work beside. i haven't had a time this month. tubes were tied surrounded by oct.

Boy Problems!?

There's about a 1% providence you could be pregnant but it is not uncommon, is within fact deeply common, to own irregular periods after have your tubes tied. Ask you doctor about going on birth control pill for a few months. They will usually regulate your period. I had to do this myself and it worked great. Look for more problems though. For some function the tubal messes up some women's reproductive systems in more ways that one.

**Please Read!** Birth Control*?

You involve to do a pregnancy test ASAP. If your tubes hold been tied near may be a chance of you have a tubal pregnancy. This is very harmful.

What is your opinion on abortion? Serious answers please.?

it is not unbelievably likely after a tubal ligation as near any sterilization there is a poss. of washout but it is very unlikely. as far as the no term. did you have your tubes tied after the birth of a child if so it may purloin a while for your hormones to get wager on into balance and result in a period. but for i would contact your ob/gyn. good luck

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