Do you think its possible to reverse a tubal ligation?

I had a tubal done just about 4 years ago but I became pregnant again,the doctor have only clamped my tubes, and I have my son.I had another tubal done after he be born(YES 2 TUBALS) but this time the doctor cut out my fallopian tubes.Do you think in that is any way to reverse this?Any uncertainty of having another child?

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no. to be precise definetly permanent. if you've changed your mind and want another babe, i hope that you will consider adoption.

Help! gurlz please?

It is possible to reverse a tubal ligation. You would need to carry your family doctor to refer you to a specialist contained by gynaecology who does this (or a microsurgeon).

However it is not easy to do so and by no mode certain.

Is havinf a time of year late than 1 week method that there wasnt ovulation surrounded by this cycle?

I had a tubal 22 years ago and be told they "burned" the ends so that they would not grow back. I guess it can be reversed, but will cost you about $10,000 (so I hold been told) to do it, and no guarantee.

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As long as you have viable eggs surrounded by your ovaries you can have a child, you will just enjoy to have your eggs harvest and get them implanted surrounded by your uterus.

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Wow, it's women like you that distribute women a bad entitle. You've had a tubal twice and on the other hand are still wondering about have another baby? Talk in the region of flimsy! (My god, after having so several kids you'd think you'd stop! The world is touching on over population, but I suppose you are selfish too) Tubals are intended to be permanent! I suppose though, if you want to spend a few thousand dollars and attempt to win your tubal reverse you could, but if I were a doctor, even if I could do it, I wouldn't.

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