Does anyone that has gotten breast implants have some info?

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me approx. costs, how long hold they lasted, have anyone had second implant, have they leak or broken, how bad are mammograms? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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Don't listen to the first 2 a-hole guys who wrote on here...they don't know what they're talking something like. First of all, you can take very inbred looking implants. If you already own decent-sized boobs(B-cup or larger), or excess skin due to breastfeeding and/or losing significant weight, later the implants will settle/drop down quicker and they will look more crude. In the Philadelphia area, surgery go for about $4500-7000. Mine be $5500, and that was for undeveloped smooth round saline implants beside a incision under respectively boob. My surgeon is well-known contained by my city.

I've only have my implants for 2 years so I haven't have any leaks or anything, but I can explain to you that they last on average between 7-10yrs. Eventually they will entail to be replaced, but there are greatly of warranties that cover this replacement surgery. Saline implant are more prone to leaks or breaks than silicone, since saline is deeply salt river and the process of osmosis eventually takes effect. But the % of implant that leak is unanimously pretty low, between 10-20% on average. Also, most warranties and surgeons cover the costs of replacement surgeries if it is due to rupturing.

You CAN still find mammograms with implant! Just get the implant placed under the pectoral muscles, so that the implant do not obscure mammograms. Most surgeons individual put implants underneath the pec muscles(as opposed to over) anyway currently.

As for the rippling, I have a small ripple on the side of my vanished implant and it is not visibly clear. It felt somewhat like pushing the corner of a plastic sack filled next to water, but over time as the implant settled into place(it takes up to 1.5yrs for them to fully settle into place), the sack shifted slightly so now the ripple is just there anymore. Most rippling is NOT that patent!...unless you go from read aloud, super-flatchested to a huge size like FF.

As for the scar, they are not bad any! These days, surgeons can actually put implant into your body through an underarm or belly button incision! The scars from these two types of incisions are enormously minimal and barely detectable. The scar from a bellybutton incision can smoothly be covered with a bellybutton piercing then on. I have the inframammary incision, which is underneath each boob at the crease, and specifically the most obvious-looking incision. But even with this incision, my scar are about 1.5" long, slightly raise and whitish in color...not quite noticeable at adjectives! And that's considering that I scar really easiliy! You cannot even concentration the scars contained by most light, unless you look outstandingly carefully. Implants are not that desperate, just brand name sure you go to a well-reputed surgeon. So don't listen to the two losers who are full of sh*t.

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well, they don't taste intensely good! and they don't perceive right either. i know, i've tried them! dumped her, too! :)

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I'm against implants except for cases of women who are boyishly flat. 9 times out of 10 they look totally falsification, the scars cause you look like frankenstein, the seam in the pack cause ripples on the breast, and they get the impression way too easier said than done. They may look good from afar or within clothes, but I would rather be beside a woman with small innate breasts any day of the week.

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I don't instinctively have them, but am interested in getting them someday when I am financially competent. Check out the website for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons; they have greatly of info about the procedure:

Another website to look at is

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