Peeing while sleeping in bed at night at an older age?

My cousin is 17 years old and I own spent a night at her place and within the middle of the night she have wet her bed. I ask her if she drinks alot formerly bed but she said no. and she tells me that she have been peeing alot at hours of darkness while she is sleeping and it always happen around 3-5am and she never knows why or when she wants to pee at night. She say that its been going on for months presently, but it always seem to happen a week or two up to that time she gets her term. She thinks in that is something wrong with her bladder, but she doesn't crop up during the day or anything approaching that. She is scared to notify people basis of course ppl will crow cause she is 17 turning18 really soon. I don't know what to notify her..all I could relay her is that she shouldn't drink during the day or anthing similar to that. Should I take her to a womanly doctor? What should I do to help her?? She feel so embraress when she told me but she thought i would go thru it or something approaching it was contained by our genes.

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This is a MUCH more adjectives problem than you would think, even contained by late teens or young at heart adults. It's somewhat more common within males but does happen to both gender. Your sister is right that the problem is often genetic, but that doesn't close-fisted everyone in the family connections would have it -- but near's a good accidental you may have aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. who own also experienced it, although they probably aren't really keen to speech about it any! She's also most likely right that the problem have something to do with her bladder, any not being competent to hold as much as it should or not being competent to wait long ample after it's full during the night for her to rouse up and get to the bathroom. The cut-out you describe makes it nouns like in that might be a hormonal component to it also -- for whatever object, at that point in her cycle she might just sleep that much more soundly and not quality when she needs to jump.

A couple of other pieces of information would be helpful contained by figuring out what's going on, especially if you do run out up talking to a doctor -- did she own a problem with bedwetting for a long time when she be younger (past the age of 5 or 6), or has it happen for the first time now at age 17? Also, does she rouse up during the night and travel to the bathroom on most nights (when she doesn't drizzling the bed) or does she never go during the darkness except in her sleep? It's REALLY adjectives for individuals who were deferred becoming dry at night surrounded by their childhood to experience "relapses" as teens or young adults, especially if they are really tired or stressed out (which may also be explained by your sister's hormonal cycle). If she regularly wake up during the night to pee, next her bladder is probably just a moment or two too small to make it through the in one piece night, and the problem on those night is that she just sleeps too soundly to get the impression it and wake up within time. Otherwise, her bladder may be more normal, but her body may merely be producing more urine than normal on those night (which could also be hormonal) so that even a normal-sized bladder can't hold it all.

In any shield... restricting her drinking liquids probably won't do much save for make her thirsty... the body requirements water to stay on form, although maybe if she drinks MORE in advance in the morning it could help her to be smaller quantity thirsty and need to drink smaller amount closer to bedtime. If she drinks alcohol or caffeine on a regular basis though, adjectives those out might help since they are both diuretics (causing increased urine production) and caffeine also severely irritates the bin liner of the bladder. If she can isolate what time of the month it usually happens, perchance she could also try setting an alarm for herself on those nights (maybe for 2 am or so) so that she can bring back up and empty her bladder at that point to maintain it from overflowing later contained by the night.

I hope this is favourable... please, keep supporting her and hold her secret (until she is prepared to tell someone anyway!), this is rock-hard enough to be in motion through and it's not something she can control, so doing what you can to support her and make her quality better about herself is probably the best passageway you can help. If she shows any symptoms of a medical condition (like aching or burning when she urinates, excessive thirst, etc.) then pilfer her to a doctor to get checked out, but if her simply problem is wetting the bed afterwards the problem is probably just some combination of her bladder and hormones, and in that baggage there's no medical emergency, although within are some treatments that can be tried if she is up for talking to someone something like it.

Good luck, I really hope this gets better for her soon!

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