Breast Implants have alot of "ripples". How can I fix this? Cost?

I was 5'1 and 220#s when I first have my implants implanted (lol, that sounds funny). After have them done, i had a few nouns pockets. I went to the MD who perform the surgery but was told to confer it time for the implants to settle. I hold sinse lost 90#s and what was once nouns pockets are now more close to ripples or indents. They feel aweful. I havent hear anybody else with indistinguishable problems. but im hoping somebody on here can relate and give me some insight! please, no smart a** remarks!

I am really worried, my kids aunt from their father side, called CPS on me because she doesnt similar to me, yet?

From what i know, the merely way to go and get rid of them is to get exotic implants. I know i hold them a little ( i enjoy always be on the thin side ) i plan on getting the silicone gel ( hear this is the most natural and smaller amount rippling ) i also plan on going a little smaller, i construe it will help since i am smaller!

check out this site / pretty well brought-up and you can talk to relatives that have have them.

Do You Think its Gross?

get younger

What do you prefer?

you see that all the time next to implants. Watch porn and you'll see greatly of them are like that. I one-sidedly don't like it and I ponder the scars construct the girls look like frankenstein

roughly what you're talking around is caused by the seam surrounded by the bag

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The bag the implant are in might not be full of saline (or doesn`t matter what your's are made out of) all the path which causes the ripples i reflect the only road to fix them is to get investigational implants.

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