A question regarding menstrual cramps?

I get the worst cramps respectively month... and I have since I started menstruating three years ago. I am tired of taking twinge meds each month for three to four days that almost not work and have to be retaken every few hours. I own birth control pills, but I do not take them because I really don't want to gain the solidity. I am missing school because of these cramps, and they ruin my go once a month. Should I go ahead beside the birth control? Or does anyone have any other suggestions for relieving the horrible strain? FYI- my cramps start in my lower tummy, wrap around my back, and turn down my legs.

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The birth control is probably your best bet. If you experience immensity gain, talk to your doctor in the region of trying a different perscription until you find the right one for you. Also try hot pads and advil, advil have been shown to be more forceful at relieving the symptoms of cramps. I am sorry you get them, believe me I know it sucks!!

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talk to you doctor. my sister and i both have bad cramps from our period..i went on birth conrol and in a minute my cramps don't come anymore (plus the pill regulates your period) so you know when it will start each month.
my sister is not on birth control and still suffers EXTREME cramps which make happen her to pass out. she does own pain killer from the doctor, but they do not work right away so my sister still misses work once a month because of her cramps ,
i personally would recommend trying birth control~ and it did not spawn me gain any extra weight.. accurate luck!

other options instead of BC:
Eat smaller, more frequent meal each daylight to reduce bloating and the sensation of fullness.
Limit brackish and salty foods to weaken bloating and fluid retention.
Choose foods high within complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain.
Choose foods rich in calcium. If you can't tolerate dairy products or aren't getting modest calcium in your diet, you may inevitability a daily calcium supplement.
Take a day by day multivitamin supplement.
Avoid caffeine.
Avoid alcohol.
Regular exercise
Plenty of rest
Try relaxation exercises like yoga, stretching, meditation, or massage
A hot hose down bottle or heating wad

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I would suggest taking the birth control pills, in most cases it help with the cramps and as long as you verbs to eat sound you really will not gain weight.

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Birth control can help regulate and security the severity of your symptoms, however these cramps can also be indiciative of ovarian cysts. Be sure and have a full evaluation from your doctor to rule out any other possible cause.

Anti imflammatory medications should serve as well as decreasing caffeine, carbonation and sodium intake.

Good luck! :)

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I don't know why you would HAVE birth control pills and NOT use them, seem silly to me. At least make available them a shot, and if you're worried about your immensity just hold an eye on it and take goings-on if it starts to go up. What pill do you own? Yasmin is upposed to have incredibly little side effects.

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I suggest taking the birth control if it will serve with the spasm. pain nouns should be the bigger priority. besides wouldn't it be nice to live through those days without headache?

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yeah i have the same problem. the pill worked and if you survey what you eat and excercise you won't gain the mass.
FYI-birth control is not a green light for sex

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I use to be the same course and had to ride out that for MANY years. I was 11 when I started my length and they put me on birth control right away because it was horrible. I know you are concerned roughly gaining counterbalance but they really do help. Excersie also help cramps and will help next to the weight gain. Drink lots of hose down.

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Barring medication, your best bet would be to carry your abdominal muscles as strong as possible. When these muscles are firm and taut, cramping occur less normally and the severity of pain deminishes a large amount.

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You are lucky to be living in this sunshine and age. My mother use to just let somebody know me to "get use to it".That be 40+ years ago. I too had horrible cramps. Lots of Aspirin(before Advil come along)heating pad, long hot soaks within the tub. Today you have the picking of so many meds. Have you tried the Birth control Pills? If you gain too much weight(some don't)perhaps your Dr. can pass you another brand

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i used to find bad cramps and miss college, and i would even throw up. i started taking ortho tricyclin low and now i can function and progress to work. i didn't gain much if any weight, so if you are worried around it just try to view what you eat somewhat more closely and it shouldn't be an issue. hope that helps, devout luck!!

PS , birth control I did gain weight near: Seasonale, Ortho Novum 777, Depo Provera(never do the depo shot-i had awful side effects and in that isn't anything you can do about them since the shot last 3 months and the side effects can last much longer-stick next to the pill)

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I suggest you take the BC pills. I used to go and get cramps so bad that I couldnt grasp out of bed. I would black out and sometimes even throw up from the torment. I started taking the pill and my periods be more regular and my cramps were slim to none. I would push for you tho - when I first took the pill, I bled for a month straight...freaked me out, but the doc said not to worry, it be normal.

You mentioned immensity gain as a reason for not taking them - I certainly lost 15 pounds after starting the pill. Besides the annoyance of having to remember to purloin them the pill was awesome.

If you havent tried it, I don`t know get a heat pad, that help me a lot. Put a heat pad on your stomach and press firmly down on it...it feel worse at first, but give it a min or two and ull get the impression MUCH better. Also drink A LOT of water during your length.

Good luck!

I take birth controls pills, and I simply noticed that I'm a light of day ahead! I took my Wednesday pill YESTERDAY!?

Nowadays not all birth control pills variety you gain weight, travel ahead with them, try them for a couple of months.

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I would ask you first if you own taken birth control before? If you enjoy and you gained freight than try another kind of pill. Now if you are conversation about the Depo shot consequently I would not suggest taking that unless you dont care just about gaining consignment because the shot will definetly make you gain weightiness. I take Sprintec 28 daylight (the substitue for Ortho-Cyclen 28 day) and I havent gained any weightiness. You really only gain just about 3-5 pounds if any when you take the pill. The lone other thing that worked for me when I have really bad cramps be placing a heating wipe on the area that hurt but it sounds resembling you have worse cramps than i did. I would influence try the pill and if you gain weight next stop, your only attainment water counterbalance so its not really that big of a deal,,,,if the pills give a hand I would rather gain a lil weightiness than have to put up near what you have to put up beside. I also wanted to say-so that they have birth control pills very soon that shorten your period and embezzle away your period for up to 3 months (its call Seasonale, i took it but it is expensive, even with insurance it costs me $250 but it be for a 3 mon supply and I didnt get my interval the whole time) My period used to last the usual 7 days but in a minute my periods are 3 days long and i dont really catch cramps though I do get headache the week before I win my period.

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Take the pills. Not adjectives pills make you gain counterweight, and it also differs from people to individuals. I have be on Ortho tricyclin for almost six years. It helps like mad with regulating me as ably as my cramps. It is also good for your skin. I hold gained substance, but I do not attribute it to the pills, just to my drinking habits. I would try it. It never hurts to try. If you do gain dawdle it will only be a couple of pounds, and you can procure off the pill and lose the consignment. But take the pills, it will really comfort.

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Have you been diagnosed beside anything like endometriosis? Since you own the birth control pills, I assume you've been to a gynecologist. What did he/she influence?

I, too, have horrible cramps respectively month...and have since I begin my period in the order of 18 years ago. I took birth control pills for several years. The amount of hormones in them made the cramps assuage (as well as the beefy flow).

I am no longer on the pill, and experience the extreme cramping only every few months.

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I started taking the pill three months ago after a six year long debate. I didn't want to gain the solidity either. But I cultured that it isn't the pill that causes you to gain cargo. The change within hormones makes you hungry, and i.e. what causes the immensity gain. Once I knew that, I know to watch what I ate once I started.

I haven't gain an ounce since I started the pill. In fact, I lost five pounds.

Now, everyone's body responds differently, so the pill may not resolve your headache issue. But I recommend giving it a try. If it doesn't work out, you can always stop.

Good luck to you, and I hope you bring the pain underneath control. I had discomfort that bad when I first started, but it did lessen as I get older. That and three Advil a time does it for me now.

EDIT: By the route, the side effects I've had from the pill enjoy been minimal. I'm on Aviane. My period have gotten lighter. At first, my acne got worse, but this month have been really honest. I was unsettled on the first day, but nil since. And I've never experienced vomiting. All in all, I've have a great experience with the pill so far! Wish I'd own done it sooner.

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My doctor told me to start taking advil a week before my extent starts. She said something about advil have something that will block most of the pain receptors. So far it's working for me. I still seize cramps but they aren't as bad.

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Try seeing your gyn and having a paps, ultrasound, or a vaginal ultrasound. these trial will reveal if you may be having systoms from ovarian cysts or fibriod tumors. They can be awfully stinging every month and or heavy period. I advise you do give somebody a lift your birth control pills. They will regulate your cycle and don't worry in the order of the weight gain. That can be manage by you participating in regular exercises or any physical sports you enjor, but haven't been competent to do because of the pain; and go and get back to institution and the activities you wallow in.

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