Got my period almost 3 weeks late...i was under a a lot of stress coz i thought i was pregnant.?

i have my length now and its average just lik it other is...(when i thought i was preg i took preg test n they were adjectives negative)

did i delay it from stress? (it come when i wasnt thinking about it)

what is the repetition risk for having a down syndrome tot?

Stress can certainly adjournment a period. My wife once missed her time from the stress (which created more stress)

Does anyone know what the fluid sprayed out of a woman who is having a g-spot "O" is?

Most probable stress, possibly other things too that you didn't realize like environmental factor, but yeah the stress thing prolly did it, but at least possible you got it and you aren't pregnant(unless that be your intent, but if it caused stress I'm guessing not).

Ladies, how commonly do you urinate?

It's hard to influence.

Stress is never good though (and neither are unplanned babies) - so hopefully you'll rob precautions or abstain in the future.

Or I don`t know it's because you took the morning after pill a few months ago - and that threw your cycle off a bit.

I have a laproscopy surgery to remove my endometriosis. and stop cramping. Well did good for three months.?

you only just answered your question...and lost 5 points for it. We normally don't need others to answer our own question, just to be assured of what we are already sure of... ;)

do men wear bras?

ur interval cycle can change due to stress, extreme immensity loss, and maybe dehydration?

but yeah you OBVI. u arnt pregnant
which is good

be risk-free !haha

Does the patch Ortho Evra work?

Yep! Your right , i could almost be certain that you delayed it by mortal stressed! Its good too hear that it have returned.

However id suggest sorting out some stable contraception if you havent already! Just too put your mind at luxury so you dont have too verbs about this contained by the future

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