Menopause. why do i wake just before a hot flush?

i am 48 and for the last couple of months hold started having hot flushes more frequently. I procure several most nights very soon, but find i wake up and in seconds am have a hot flush. why do they wake me beforehand and why am i not sleeping through them.

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Because its a terrible emotion and most menopausal women have insomia because of them. Try going to powersurge menopausal site unbelievably interesting site, with loyal information and chat rooms see ya there

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Welcome to Heat Club! I do exactly the same entry; wake up simply prior to a hot flush. I suspect the reason is due to a sudden and increased make over in blood flow toward the skin surface, which cause us to come out of deep sleep. I've also notice that my heart rate increases dramatically, so that could also cause sleep disruption. I don't regard as anyone sleeps through these episodes, which is why the most common menopause complaint is hours of darkness sweats (or hot flushes at night).

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Menopause is a stage in life when a woman stops have her monthly period.It is a conventional part of aging, mark the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get adequate calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a daytime. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to curtail bloating associated with hormonal change. More information and remedies at

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hi i was indistinguishable has you but in a minute i take evening primrose capsule and they work for me.

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