What are consequences of Breastfeeding during pregnancy? is it ok ? is it totally not affect pregnancy?

pleaz guide my aunt full detail i.e. what are the effects of breastfeeding during pregnancy? my aunt has 20 month child and she is get pregnant, can she cotinue breast feed? should she stop? a detailed answer is required.

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There are very few reason why a baby should be weaned while mom is pregnant. One would be if she have a history of preterm labor. It's totally normal even virtuous that she is still nursing her baby. A lot of moms finish off up nursing both kids after the new little one is born. This is called Tandem Nursing. I never did it.couldn't stand to hold on to breastfeeding while I was pregnant. But, I other wished I could own done it.

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she should probably wean the baby, earlier she starts getting too thin from producing adequate vitamins and minerals forboth babies. At 20 months, its quitesafe for a baby to get through and drink normal table food.

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She should discuss this beside her doctor. She would have to munch through a very in good health diet to be able to sustain a pregnancy and breastfeed a youthful child at the same time, her body will suffer because adjectives the nutrients will go to the kids.

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Not at adjectives, breastfeeding is normal during pregnancy. Why to deprive the child of his/her right? IT IS MEDICALLY OK. but I ADVICE ALL THE WOMEN READING THIS, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PREGNANCY TO GIVE A GAP OF THREE YEARS BETWEEN CHILDREN. first prepare your first child for his brother/sister coming, otherwise he/she will get the impression jealous and might revulsion the newcomer. IN YOUR CASE, PREPARE THE CHILD MENTALLY. AND KEEP FEEDING THE BABY WITH MOTHER'S MILK.

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the first infant should have already be weaned from breast milk and be taken onto more substantial food. So I would take the baby sour the breast milk. It is perfectly fine to verbs to breast feed the first child, within should be no untoward reactions from the child still within the womb. But for the health both mental and physical for the first child pilfer him/her off breast milk and onto different foods. (I'm not insulting you by wise saying mental health for the first born, it's a short time ago psychologically the first born may cling to the mother more, rather than be more outgoing or may draw from irrationally jealous of the younger baby[for stealing the mother's attention].)


my sister have just have a baby a week ago, which is her 2nd child, who is 2, she continued to breast nurture through her pregnancy and is now doing tandem feed occasionly, my neice didn't feed as much during the pregnancy but that be her choice, after about 6 months the milk supply stops to return with ready for the exotic baby and solely the most determined of breast feeders will continue, ( my neice did) but they don't achieve much, so continue and the babe might stop its'self when it becomes unyielding work.

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