After Menopause can women conceive?

Is there is any opening that women who stopped Monthly Cycle after 60 years of age or the Women who have passed Menopause can conceive (become preganant)? Please no joke. I asked your self-experience/your knowledge and/or expert proposal.

Ok my girl told me she was a virgin but she didn't bleed it be our first time what could had happen?

Strictly speaking menopause should be defined as the time at which menstruation caeses and not used synonymously beside climacteric , which is the phase of waning ovarian hum which may start 2to 3 years before the menopause and verbs 4 to 5 years after it. The climacteric is thus a phase of adjustment between active and sitting ovarian function and may occupy several years of a woman's life. After menopause the ovaries individual shrunken and their surfaces become furrowed and grooved ovulation cased. So there is no possibility for the woman to conceive.

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no- menopause means they stopped have periods & they are no longer fertile.
hormone level decrease & God didn't want 65 yr olds to be untried mothers--- think roughly it 300 yrs ago we didn't even live to be 65.

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No. Once menopause is complete, no chance.

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Not without divine intervention.

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One of my moms friends be born after her mom went through menopause. they be going to treat her for a tumor, and the Dr. did one more audition and she found out she was pregnant.

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No. There is no possible route to become pregnant after menopause.

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i own recently read that 64 yrd antiquated lady is pregnant surrounded by UK. so i think it may be possible. but the best article is to check with the doctor, don't believe on anyone else, trust doctor.

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Duh, what do you think, moron!?

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its possible but really unlikely. If you want to you can seek medical attention and they can essentially pump you with hormones to increase the likelihood.

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scientifically menopause is the end of ovulation,near the decrease contained by eostrogen progesterone level contained by the body.hence there are no likelihood of conception after that.when the menopause nears ,the individual experience various symptoms in the body approaching hot flush.some females experience irregularities in period for long time.once the ovulation cesses completely these symptoms slow down and there is no break of conception.

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it may possible.pregnancies are reported in dated age also when it is considered that the women has reach menopause.

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No path. After menopause a lady cannot Concieve

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