Does anyone know if the HPV vaccine is available in England?

I understand this may be becoming available for younger girls but will it be available to elder women particulary if CIN has already be treated surrounded by the past.

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The HPV vaccine is coming to the wind up of its trials in England, so is not available to anyone at the moment. Dont hold me to this but i contemplate it will be avilable over the next year or so. I be going to participate within the trials, and they did state that the vaccines would only be available to young-looking women in their impulsive teens. As it is still under trial, I guess the guidelines are not released nonetheless on the administration of it, so we will adjectives have to linger and see.

I would also like to articulate that the trials for the HPV Vaccine have be very successful to date and hold proved to be up to 99% effective on preventing infection of the HPV. Of course you can own vaccines for viruses. The vaccine is a remarkably small amount of the virus in which your body produces the antibody to it. You will probably enjoy some access to the research trials so far if you have a look on the internet. I manage to get a serious newspaper on the trials in Manchester. Please cut anyone stating otherwise about this vaccine. It is the biggest breakthrough in cancer research for some time.

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Hpv is a virus vaccines do not prevent viral infections

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to the person above me, cram to not be an idiot

it's approved in the US, i own no idea roughly speaking england. Europe's laws on releasing pharmeceuticals usually aren't as strict as the US, so unless nearby's some corporate reason for it, if it's not available very soon, it probably will be soon. However, it's only approved for use surrounded by women ages 9-26 in the US, not sure what the rules will be for Europe, but elder women can't get it here contained by the US. Also, as far as I know, it's a prophylactic vaccine, not a curative one, so people already infected beside HPV may be out of luck. I'm not 100% sure on that though

Edit: i'm not sure where these race are getting their information from, but the HPV vaccine was shown to enjoy 95-99% efficacy against HPV 16 and 18 infections in clinical studies. I think you empire need to check your facts since you post something stupid.

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Those vaccines aren't important.

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they should be ask your Dr

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