Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome question?

There has be no proof of this syndorm according to dr's. But many women experience it I would appreciate it if women who hold or any one with knowledege on the subject would step forward. thank you

Why won't my gyne prescribe a pill for me?

The year after my tubal ligation I have the worst cramps of my life. I hold heard similar anecdotal accounts, and my doctor said he have too. I still think at hand must be a connection. Unfortunately it's one of those things that hasn't be studied. I had my tubal ligation surrounded by 1983, and in the 23 years since consequently I haven't seen anything in my women's robustness newsletters about studies related to this.

Is it common to have really impossible body aches, especially on the lower rear when on your period?

just another excuse to not receive on with energy.

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