I usually have regular period, but about starting 8 weeks ago till now, I've had 3. Could it be Menopause?

I'm 45 years old, I've other had period every 28 days, now here reciently it's be every 18 to 20 days. Is that a sign of menopause, or maybe something else?

anyone prefer to see endicrinologist in addition to internist for more answers?

Hi sweetie I am a women of 52 yrs. and I'll bet it is exactly what you suspect . That is the process I started and like you it startled me too . I know most of us don't like to run to the OBGYN however it would be very smart if you did. Just deduce Depending on the person within as soon as a few months you could be period free FOR LIFE ! Like I hinted at it may be longer but it is coming. Keep in touch beside other women though because the MOOD SWINGS & HOT FLASHES come from hell . I had no hypothesis what hit me either Good luck .

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it is premenopause

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Could be something else. Go to a doctor because if it is something else early detection is the best method of treatment.

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Check next to your Doc. It could be a hormone imbalance or peri-menopause. A simple blood interview can tell. Good luck!

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when i go thru menopause before my hysterecctomy i have periods every 2 weeks and they last anywhere from 10-13 days very indigestible bleeding almost hemmorage like. probability are good you are going thru menopause. the dr could not bring up to date me how long the bleeding would last so i opt for the hysterectomy good luck to you

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It could be menopause but you should feel moody, depressed, hot flashes and irritated. The "menses" should be shorter (spotty). Best wishes!

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yep the bad report is that it can go on for 10 years resembling that with heavier and irregular period and hot flashes of course. If you own stress incontinence (peeing when you sneeze) you can get that fixed and hold a hysterectomy along with the surgery and cart care of that little problem. I have that done and they only took my uterus.Its great to not own the monthly thing anymore.

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There is a blood audition that you can get at your gyn that can determine if you are in menopause or not

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