My doctor mentioned I might want to get tested for this two weeks ago (back when I thought I be having another kidney stone). I didn't reckon much of it then, but I've done a short time more research, and it's starting to make more sense as a explanation of this pain.

Anyone out at hand have it? How is it diagnosed? If you own it, how are you treating it? Have you been competent to have children?

I appreciate your insights.

Contraceptive shoot?

Please see the webpages for more details and images on Endometriosis.

I am 26years ancient lady. 2years ago I took a dose of Gynacocid tablets and since consequently I haven't got pregnant!

I be diagnosed about 10 years ago, thru laproscopic surgery. I did enjoy trouble conceiving, but with fertility support, had a charming baby girl. I first started taking bc pills, tried other hormone psychiatric therapy. Finally I just arranged to let it pocket its course and try to get pregnant. After have my daughter and deciding no more children, I have a complete hysterectomy. This disease is a tricky one and can do some damage, but the dr is the best to opt what treatment is best for you.

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