How does stress affect the body?


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Sleep deprivation, constipation, nervouse tick, unusual aggressive way of life, lack of concentration, skin problems...

There's a unbroken raft of ways.

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any number of ways, depends on the severity, but could be mental, stiffness, and other issues. stress can do wonders,

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It affect your robustness and brain

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Stress can affect you contained by many different ways.women's period can stop, headaches, tautness in the collar, constipation, diarhoea, feeling sick and rundown. I'm sure within are other things too.

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very bleak.. you'll get a discouraging disease, or will get obese. or will be paranoid.. different manner of effect.

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Profoundly. There is a quote from a book written by Carolyn Myss called, "Anatomy of the Spirit," where on earth she says, "your biography become your biology."

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stress eats ur bodya nd mind both . depends ur in mid of stress or ur stress is increasing sunshine by day for some certain reasons approaching financial crisis etc.

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It affects everyone differently. When your body is over stressed or tired, it will permit you know. You will be tired and possibly even sick. No energy. Headaches, elevated heart rate and insufficiency of appetite are all symptoms of stress. Stress is your body's instrument of telling you to slow down and steal some time off, or pilfer some time for yourself. Listen to your body.

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"Let me count thy ways"...too many to identify, but stress is powerful in harm the body and the mind...mine led to sleep deprivation for an extended term..then the sleep deprivation cause me to go into psychosis that NEVER should enjoy been triggered within the first place. I simply didn't know much about form at the time...take attention to detail of yourself!!

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Stress on the job made me sick. I enjoy irritable bowel syndrome, which causes my stomach muscles to contract. It's incredibly painful. My doctor said it be from my job and if I didn't quit it would solely get worse. I quit a few years ago and I no longer enjoy any symptoms of IBS. .)(

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i've been stressed out for close to four months now, and i win different symptoms throughout the day similar to i'm gonna faint and madness or my head feel funny, then when this happen i think at hand is something wrong with me afterwards i panic more! so any i do have something phyiscally wrong next to me (which everyone says i dont) or i'm only just too stressed out and it's making me feel this instrument, so it can affect your body phyically in plentiful different ways

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there a many different ways. it can affect you psychologically. stress also cause acne

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There are so many ways from excema/psoriasis to freight gain/loss to headaches to anxious tics, hair loss to diarrhoea
Deep breathing can give a hand as can meditation, smelling lavender scented stuff and conversation things through with ancestors.
You need to cram to relax and understand that the world wont collapse if you lug some time for yourself, try a good hours step daily and smile and vote hello to people you pass by the exercise is good at combatting stress and the smiling will relief to cheer you up

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it can receive you have a red over-hasty all over body itchy call a stress rash and you can take spots missed periods

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well they say that stress effect the body surrounded by a cellular level. i.e. why it is thought to be positive with yourself and others because they say aloud the stress you had two years ago might freshly now be affecting you in heaps ways. that is why i try not to be stressed because i own had plenty stress to haunt me for 3 lifetime. so my answer is if it effects the cellular level than it can come out surrounded by every way to inner body and outer body perchance you might have 5 extra wrinkles or possibly you might get the flu or diabetes.

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It causes more and sooner signs of aging. It also could start to engender you'r hair start to slop out at a verry young age,eg. mid 20's!!

If u suffer from stress u should start to pocket some time off work, dance on a holliday. Just get it lower than control it causes some populace even to commit suicide!

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some times you can:
loose weight
gain weight
loose hair
capture depressed!
it all depends on the entity!
good luck!

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Spots, nouns, depression, sleepyness, snappy, lose weight, gain bulk, dehydrate. Depends on your body, it effects everyone in different ways!

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who knows ask a Dr yeah

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stress can affect the body in all sorts of ways,
1. Unhappy feeling
2. Loss of appetie
3. uhealthy loss of weight
4. unsavoury habits approaching drinking drugs etc
5.also known to emasculate immune system
6. easily drip sick
7. Can also lead to depression
n the cycle continues but for interrupted in time

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Lots of different ways but it is all developed from the prehistoric man/woman and is call Fight or Flight. If you go into the combat version your body tenses - making your muscles in position for action etc etc or flight you draw from a burst of energy which can be used to run etc etc etc. Really is v interesting to read up on though. best attain online or down the library. Fascinating indepth read!

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Check out ( )
It is a really honest stress site.
There are lots of articles on all stress related topics.
I meditate you will find help for this situation at hand.

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