what is your take on Yoga for stress, I hear it is amazing but am a litlle leary of its techniques?

Cannot see myself being competent to relax and do what I see Yoga Instructors do.Now I know we dont start off doing it approaching the pros but what do you get out of it within the early stages.

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I understand your distrust, some of reputation of yoga is pretty alternative.

But as long as you stick to yoga as a gym, comunity college, or YMCA you will most likely be met next to the most mild form of Yoga which is the Non-religious form called "Hatha Yoga".

This simply consists of some gentle stretches and strenthening poses, combined near breathing instructions to keep you from holding your breath.

Does anyone know if..?

the push button is to start slow, and modify the difficult things if you are not able to do them. I might also suggest pilates- I love it!

Ladies, please do this?

It is a great form of stress relaxation! You'd be surprised at how you catch into a zone and relax and what you will be able to do! Try it, if you dont approaching it dont do it again!

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try khatkarma first of all and next try half and hr meditaiton . it will release al ur stress and teem u with animation u have never thought inwardly ur body .

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