I have have endometriosis for 3 years and 4 laparoscopic surguries for it, and a partial hysterectomy. I also have PCOS and enjoy had ovarian drilling done. My hackle is now falling out, I am extrememly tired and I a moment ago found a hard lumpy close to sunstance near my right ovary. I am concerned I could any have multiple cysts fund agiain, or could it be cancer? Does anyone else have these issues? Is at hand a doc out there that can backing?

If a guy has warts/herpes, wouldnt he show the symptoms too? and if hes never have sex, could it be genetic?

I had PCOS and go to Dr. Azziz in Birmingham but the moved to CA. Do a force out for a PCOS doctor in your nouns. They are the best to help contained by these situations.
Good luck.

Help please women only?

This isn't the place to ask these question,call your Dr

Does anyone hear of a G-spot?

If you are having that copious problems and your doctor hasnt done the right thing by presently, go to another doctor and hold him do a complete hysterectomy. Problem solved. no more woman trouble except maybe the breasts. be in position to become more of a man tho when you do(facial hair and such)

18 next to small boobs?

Get your PCOS treatment in India .IVF treatment ,IUI,ICSI and Laparoscopic surgery is unbelievably cheap in India.There is one company i.e. very high up in India that arranges adjectives types of medical treatment andsurgery for foreigners in India.They are call the Forerunners Healthcare.I read a lot going on for them in the Newspapers and something like their patient stories.I enjoy also read that they arrange financing for american and canadian patients as some of the surgery including ivf treatment is not covered by insurance.

They also have photos paste of their International patients.You can checkout their website.The cost savings are incredible.As a doctor i intuitively believe that your PCOS can be easily handle in India as the element of healthcare available here is simply best in the world.The doctors are USA/UK trained and services are 5 star.I recently also read give or take a few a chinese couple facilitated by forerunners healthcare be able to catch their baby by IVF and a surrogate mother.

my cousin and her husband get their IVF treatment in India through the forerunners healthcare within India and is all praise for this company.She is a agreed case of PCOS.She is a terribly happy mother of a toddler boy now. She freshly paid 2500 pounds for the full treatment for which she be quoted 8000 pounds in private setup contained by UK.I strongly recommend this company to you as they can be of great help to you.hope this helps


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