Is it possible to have Osteoporosis & Osteomalacia at the same time?

I was diagonosed beside Osteomalacia and was put on 50,000 unit of Vitamin D (1 tablet per week) as I was tested by an Endocronolgist second week and she said that my body does not absorb Vitamin D. I be in the Hospital surrounded by July, 2006 for 5 days for 7 broken bones (unexplainable and NOT from a fall) and they told me that they THINK I have Osteoporosis and put me on Fosamax 70 (1 tablet per week). I really don't cogitate I have Osteoporosis as adjectives of my Bone Density Tests have be normal. Does anyone hold any info for me on the above? If so, would be greatly appreciated to hear from you. Thank you! I also will be discussing this with my Primary Dr. when I see him this Thursday, Aug. 31st.

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yes it is possible

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