Should I let my daughter get breast implants?

She is 19 and very ably educasted just wishes to have bigger breasts similar to her mom. I told her to wait till she have a child and she said no way. Still contained by college and works. What should a mom do? We are very close and I told her I will other be there for her!

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SHe's an full-grown so you can "let her" or not. but I'd enjoy her watch some of those gross shows of implant gone wrong. Go from the angle of "you wouldn't want to disfigure yourself fovever at the prime of your life" and if she still wants them, be supportive, help her find a good doc, and thieve care of her when she recuperate. But also tell her that within are TONS of really good guys. that loathe implants.

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DO it!!

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no but she can do what ever she wants

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That's ridiculous! She can have breast implant when she can afford to pay for them!

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well, if she has read up on adjectives the pro's and con's then i guess so..i would not be bullish about it though.

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Get at the root of the problem. bigger isnt better. She desires self esteem help. Doesnt she know that not adjectives guys are the same? Why else would she do that? bigger is not as sound, being fabricate isnt attractive, trying to meet social standards isnt attractive. make clear to her to be herself. Im sure she is beautiful as is

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hey, I'll tell you what, if you articulate no, then achieve a reduction to her little size. how would you touch about that? Let her surface like the woman she deserves to quality like.

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I dislike breast implant myself.

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Don't consent to them her butcher her body that way.
Leave personality alone.

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I guess this is a matter of your own personal values, so simply you can decide. Personally, I focus breast augmentation is ridiculous. They usually look fake anyway, and what is the point of doing it? So guys will discern you more? Most of the guys who will notice you more are not worth notice anyway. I'd say tolerate her do it if she can afford to pay for it herself, but I wouldn't support it if I be you.

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Put her on the Pill.
Birth control always grows boobs. If she's already on it, I know how she feel. I didn't quite receive blessed in the front any.
But I'm not getting mine done.

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If to be precise what she wants permit her. She may not want to have children for a long time person she's only 19.

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Well, at 19, she can pretty much do what she requirements . . .i just love crude breasts and hate implant . .. it's always crestfallen to see the change

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She is your daughter and surrounded by the end you and her would breed the decision. I own B and don't have a problem near my size. She just have to make sure that she desires them.

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You know, explicitly just disappointing in a road. Why do women put so much of their identity in their Breast's? You know at hand are men who just don't keeping!
I think I would verbalize her in to waiting until after she get out of school.

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sure why not, if it make her touch better about herself. only find out if there will be issues beside brest feeding if she plan on doing that.

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Uhh no, but shes 18, so technically, she can do 'whatever she requests'. Fake breasts turn guys off.

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I would try to create her understand that she is a dependable person basically the way she is and she doesn`t obligation two mags of silicon to make her more a woman.

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If she wants bigger boobs, first i vote wait til shes 22, thats when woman are fully developed, and after i say create her pay for them. Why comfort her with materialistic things that she will most probable later regret getting. Especially at such a childlike age. Fake breast are bad for your vigour and look really bad as years intervene on. They must be redone every ten years or so. And I am single 19, so this isnt advice from some elder lady, ove a short time ago done my research, i wanted them for a while too.

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As long as she doesn't believe it will amendment her life dramatically? Appearance should not be given a top priority contained by life. How much time and life does she take into her appearance. If she puts too much into it, she I don`t know stunting her growth as a genuine personage, because her self esteem rests so much on looks and trends. Personality and character is so much more celebrated. Let her know that. If she only wishes it as like a bonus, later maybe. Personally, as a guy, I could attention less what the breast size is unless it is smaller than A average.

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man..i hold to say this is a rugged one i dont really know if u should let your daughter hold breast implants i know huh purely like u right to be heard y cant she wait until she is a mother her self i say aloud nah y cant she love her own boobs

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i know ur just trying to be a mom, but permit her do it. my mom i all for it, when i told her i needed to get them. she also told me to loaf till i have a child, but one-sidedly, i have pretty low self esteem and its bc of the size of them. i know i would love to fit surrounded by clothes better, and where clear in your mind things that i cant, and feel more approaching a "woman" and not a little girl. it get deep. tolerate her, if thats whats going to make her jubilant. and she will be happy that her mom supports her no business what. :o)
(then again, im 22, and just realize that shes 19..but my answer still remains the same)

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19 years old, probably a simply gorgeous youthful lady, and she can't continue to get started beside the self-mutilation. that's really sad. didn't you incline your daughter to have any self-esteem or dignity? detail her from me to smarten up and stop thinking such disgusting things. it's an abuse of breasts, and accordingly an abuse of women, and it should not be allowed.
suppose of the health problems! the resulting scar! the trauma to her body and mind! ruining the breasts that she already has! those things don't look dutiful on tv screens, and surrounded by real world they look disgustingly impossible. your daughter needs to swot how to love her own body!

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If she is 19, she doesn't inevitability your permission.

But I wouldn't be paying for it any.

In response to Timothy's point.. women are so "hung up" on big boobs because society and men are. I am guilty as charged as well. but prefer the softness of crude boobs.

Just look at the advertising industry and see how much cleavage you see sagging out.

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I think at 19 she should know how to make her own judgment. Make sure to research all the pro's & con's so she know all the facts. And take home it known to her that if she wishes it then she'll enjoy to pay for it. They don't come cheap and if she doesn't resembling the way she looks after she can pay to bring it fixed. And make sure to agree to your daughter know that no matter what you'll other love her whether she goes through beside it or not.

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If her breasts are askew to the point where other relations notice and it's really bringing her down or giving her low self-esteem, afterwards yes, sure. Other than that, I don't really think it's required. Some women have big boobs, some own small boobs. She should be thankful that she have any at all. There are plenty of women who own breast cancer and end up have a mastectomy (or double mastectomy) and almost HAVE to get breast implant to feel close to a woman again, and to avoid awkard moments, whispers, etc. If your daughter wishes implants because she isn't blissful with the size of them immediately and wants them bigger, I expect that's wrong.

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Some women's breasts don't finish growing until they're 25. It would be wise to hang about a few years to be sure she's done developing before tamper with things.

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my guess has other been. 'If it's not broken don't waiting your money fixing it".

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I am only 17, but I enjoy read up on the issue and I do not think it is a obedient idea. Even at 19 her body could still be shifting, giving a greater possibility of problems. It also can be pretty addictive. If she is very stuck on the perception of enlargement I enjoy heard correct things about breast intensification pills, for example . I think they hold really advanced in the recent past few years and actually own many positive vigour side effects. Also, they are a lot smaller amount expensive, so I would try that before jump into surgery. I hope that helps.

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