pressure in lower tummy. ovaries kinda hurt as well as my back. i have hpv. is this cervical cancer?


Tantra or Tantric Sex?

Could be, infection with undisputed types of HPV can increase the risk of developing some types of cancer.
First off, how can you grain your ovaries. That seems unlikely to me. You could own all kind of things going on besides the worst. Get a doctor to tell you the findings, hold on to it in check so anything arises for you, you'll get it rapid. You can't possibly think you could be diagnosed on a website after 4 little statements/questions.
Bloodwork, a history, other symptoms adjectives have to be examined along near many other things to come up near an acurate diagnosis. Talk to your doctor and get examined. This is nought to play with, right?

Prevent pregnancy?

Ususually this vehicle a UTI, not cancer. Cancer of the Cervix is usually painless until it mets. .Go to a doc.

About sex with woman?

While HPV can end in cervical cancer, it is not cervical cancer in and of itself.

I cant seem to be to get an orgasm during sex & my private slice starts to swell after a little bit. Why?

This can front into cancer like mine did. You involve to go to the doctor and find a pap. I put off going to the doctor and it grew into cancer. Please see a doctor

if I have a miscarriage at 12 wks and immediately get on birth control, is it possible that I can be sterile?

could be several things. Bladder infection or even a kidney infection,,,,Go to the Doc..then you will know for sure.

How do you know if you hold uterus scarring?

could possibly be an ectopic pregnancy.. pregnancy in the filopian tubes.i spelled that wrong i think

I found this?

You have need of to get a pap done. I hold HPV and am testing positive for pre-cancer sell. It can go away on it's own. There is so tons kinds of HPV from genital wart to pre- cancer. Which is what I have. You stipulation to get pap tested and a biopsy if you enjoy a bad pap. Just because you hold HPV does not mean you enjoy cancer. There is so many different kind and most of them go away on here own.

the doctor cant even help me?

I first hope you are hoary enough for sex. HPV is as expected very adjectives for the sexually active. HPV will organize to abnormal pap smears, but doesn't necessarly mingy it'll turn out to be cancer. Just make sure you achieve your colpo test every year, plus your pap smears every six months! HPV requires sooner testings.

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Could be you really want to get to a gyno briskly and ahve them check you out!

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