What is clitorectomy, has anyone gotten one?

What is clitorectomy, has anyone gotten one?

im a 22 yr hoary femeal but for some reason i hold waking up contained by the middle of the night worried?

It is when the clitoris is cut out/off of a woman's or girl's body. It is a procedure rarely done, nearby are some clans/tribes in Africa, I suppose, who do this to young girls, to prevent them from wanting to enjoy sex with men except their husbands once they are married. Removal of the clitoris does not interfere with the means to become pregnant.

It is commonly believed that without a clitoris, a woman cannot experience sexual gratification, or orgasm. There are some who dispute this, but I wouldn't want to live short mine.

Going to the Dr for a pap test subsequent week..how can i ensure that they test for std when i enjoy no insurance?

Removal of the clit. The majority of women in Africa have have this done to them and not even in a sterile environment.

What do u telephone this? serious answers please?

"surgical" removal of the clitoris. described as being impressively painful and I would envision so considering it is usually done without anesthesia. As you can think about its not exactly a voluntary procedure.

does the dick half to be surrounded by the vagina to get her pregnant?

It's also call "Female circumcision". Barbaric.

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