i had a hard time breastfeeding so i let my milk dry up,now i regret it, is there anyway to produce breastmilk


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Yes, contact a LaLeche League group surrounded by your area for assistance.

If will be difficult, but even adoptive mothers own breastfed with the facilitate of lactation adis and supplementor.

Try this site..it may be of help.


Also consider continuing to be in motion to a LaLeche League group for continuing information, knowledge and support.

They used to do 4 week series and lately keep repeating the common overview but always beside new and different information added so it be never the same.

I made suitable friends there and what I widely read changed the direction of my life and I become I much better and more nurturing mom. I learned so much more or less all types of parenting things.

They also hold an on line site which might give support to you find a LaLech League leader within your area.

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Have another infant.

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Try an herbal supplement call Fenugreek and use a breast pump to stimulate the flow of breast milk. You'll have to use a supplement to hold on to your baby wholesome but try to breast feed as repeatedly as possible.

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It depends on how long you own dried up...there is also a hormonal med. that you can pocket. if it hasn't been intensely long, get infant to latch on and try for a while..and multiple times to get your milk to reproduce.

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