i was recently informed i have HPV high-risk that can form cancer in the cervix?

now i was reading just about this online which said its sexually transmitted i have be with my boyfriend for years..should i blame him.

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HPV is "essentially a STD"..(Sexually transmitted disease)


ref:-Davidson's "PRINCIPLE&PRACTICE OF MEDICINE, 19th edition pg 105)

So it is acquire ONLY BY sexual contact..

My advice is fairly than blamimg from whom got the infection it will be better to ask your doctor that which "SEROTYPE" of HPV have infected you.

If you are infected by type 6,type 11.u have risk of WARTS.glibly treatable with chemical cuaterisation

BUT if you are infected by HPV serotype "16 & 18" in that is future risk of developing CANCER CERVIX..so u have need of yearly folloup for simple check called "PAP SMEAR" as this cancer develops leisurely and if diagnosed earlier by pap smear have "100% CURE"

Be cautious.

Donn know on what reason people are wrighting that HPV is present otherwise in abundant people as
"carrier" ?

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No! Consult you'r OB/GYN she will be able to explain it to you.

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Were you with anyone prior to your boyfriend? The HPV doesn't other show up immediately, you could hold had it for awhile immediately. If, these possibilities aren't how you contracted it, then I would markedly be talking to my boyfriend almost it. Actually a majority of the population has some form of HPV but not everyone get the form you have. Sorry to hear and well brought-up luck to you in the adjectives.

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You may have have it for years, you might have also given it to him.

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Did you have a boyfriend until that time him?

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it's not worth figure out who gave it to whom, since if any of you were sexually moving before you be dating you could have contracted it later. Make sure you get regular pap smears and bring back the warts removed as they pop up.

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You or he could've be exposed to it years ago before you be together. There's no way to explain to when you got it or who give it to who.

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The majority of us will be a carrier of one strain or another of HPV (warts). Warts on your genitalia are exactly impossible to tell apart as warts on your fingers or on your hand or any other part of your body. They can freshly appear for no reason. They are treatable. It is true that at hand is a link between SOME types of HPV and cancer but not adjectives. If you are concerned then look in your GP or local GU clinic. It is also advisable your boyfriend does the same but do not blame him.

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HPV can fiction dormaint in a person for years lacking ever being detected. I know this because I be diagnosed with it when I be 21 and it happened when I be raped at 16--very frustrating but after successful treatment the HPV was cured. Sometimes HPV can clear up on its own but it requests to be watched so catch your pap's done as necessary (as ordered by your doctor) and don't "blame" your boyfriend, simply talk to him in the region of it.

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That concerned of thing can progress undetected for years. Did you know that 1 in 3 sexually helpful people own HPV (maybe more now, it be a while ago when I checked the stats). The kind that you hold (and I have too) cause virtually nothing to begin to men, but can cause cervical cancer surrounded by women. Did they JUST catch it presently, even though you've been have pap smears regularly? Or have you not have a pap in a while? If you own had them regularly, and they enjoy always be testing you for HPV, and you merely came subsidise positive for it now, I'd be rather suspicious. But you need to have a word to your doctor more. Don't worry though - the likelihood that you'll get cervical cancer in a minute that they've found the abnormal cell and can treat them, is rare. Good luck.

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No you shouldn't blame him, unless he have been the merely person you hold been sexually helpful with. HPV take up to three years to show up on a test, so if he is not the one and only one, I would forget about blaming anyone.

P.S. Drink plenty of green nouns, take a dutiful supplement of betacarote and vitamin E. This will help your immune system control the free radical that can turn into cancer.

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No you shouldn't. It can be dormant for years. Just a few weeks ago I was reading an article going on for kids who are found with this and how it used to be assumed that they be being molested. Now they speak that it may be possible to get this from someone touching an infected nouns and then a sink or doesn`t matter what (they used a public bathroom as an example) Try not to stress about it and only make sure you draw from regular pap smears.

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see a doctor to finalise it

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Not necessarily. HPV is silent, and shows no symptoms (unless it's the variety of HPV that cause genital warts). It sounds like you own the kind I do.the benign that can cause cervical cancer. Don't necessarily blame your boyfriend. Many women and men who own the kind of HPV that we do never know until it's too in arrears (cervical cancer). That's why pap smears every year are important. You could hold had this for 8 or 9 years and lately never knew until very soon.

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