Hey Women.?

what is your aphrodesiac? And for you younger kids, if you don't know what it is, don't answer.

What is mean by pyar?

My aphrodisiac depends on the daytime and mood I'm in. Some days I'll examine porn and get roused up or some days I purely want my bf to kiss me on my neck, my nipples or even lately rub my back. But in attendance's always some days where on earth I want him to throw me around like his slave and do what he desires with me. I construe us women are very complex!

how long will it clutch for my gyno. to scheduale a laparascopy?

Being fed Malteesers get me pretty aroused. I love them.

Can you still produce breast milk after getting breast inplants?

Chocolate and wine!!

best kind of birthcontrol?

the smell of leather, man restrained.the bite of a flogger, the being leashed and lead blind folded, a corset being lace on me tightly

Saggy breasts!!?


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