is masterbating ok with JESUS? im 15 and a female?


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Masturbation is majority, it's... basically an jammy way to explore yourself and amount out how things work. Honestly you sound without blemish normal. Infants masturbate (though not beside the same out come). Now guys pretty much do it adjectives through their life or as soon as their stuff is functional. Girls tend to do so contained by stages. Stage one I think is resembling 12, then it dies down. Then again at 15-17, this will any die down and hit a stage at 20-24 or happen continuously. It does this because it follows the nouns of the girl (mentally, physically). But it's normal, you should never be ashamed of yourself. It is something that you should do in private, at least possible for now. So masturbation could be considered a agency of acquiring fluency, and we all know how the church feel about free thought and know-how. I don't think Jesus care cuz he loves us. The church is not god, I wouldn't worry almost them.

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Ya know what.even Babies masturbate...

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Unfortunately, no.

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I dont chew over Jesus gives a * really..

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I am not sure your sex or age has anything to do beside whether masturbating is okay with Jesus. Maybe you are on here trying to solicit attention. Perhaps you should find out more in the region of your God so that you can look for healthy forms of attention.

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well technically it is considered a sin. that is a small bit of the reason God set Sodom and Gomorrah up within flames
b cuz the city was full of family having sex, have sex with like sex, SODOMY Sodom hint if u do not know what sodomy is look it up please but contained by today's society it is basically what ur loved ones instills in u as unacceptable or not, and pretty much if you r asking this ? u class of know that it is wrong. but that is my feelings. ask God to help u beside this situation to see things for a moment more clearer but i think it is better than fornicating don't you. fornicating is have pre-marital sex.

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nope it is a sin.

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The Bible does NOT read aloud that we can't enjoy our bodies or soak up sex. Haven't you read Song of Songs? Plus, if we werent' supposed to enjoy it, consequently why would it feel so perfect? If you're thinking that the story of Onan condemns masturbation, that is incorrect. Onan be punished because he disobeyed God. God told him to impregnate his late brother's wife. Onan be having sex next to her (not masturbating, but that's beside the point) and he freaked at the last minute and "spilled his seed" on the ground so that she wouldn't acquire pregnant. He was punished because he disobeyed God - not because of the perform of sex without procreation.

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This would be better asked on the religion area, but no. Jesus come to free you from all of your bondages, and don't consent to anyone deceive you by maxim that masterbation does not put you into bondage. Yes, it's a sin, and sin separates us from the love of God, not that He stops loving us, but we put ourselves into a state where we reject it.

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it is a sin..

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